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DesignContest is the leading website for graphic design contests since 2003. Our services range from logo design, business cards design, website design to mobile apps and packaging design. Thousands of happy clients prove that DesignContest is a service that is efficient and easy to use. We boast tens of thousands of designers and we guarantee that every logo design contest will receive on average 150 to 200 entries. With its attractive prices is the best solution for all graphic design needs of any small business. We are glad to welcome you to the affiliate program and we are excited that you will start earning money with us!

  • Join the program and get your affiliate code

    Registration takes a few minutes. Within 24 hours the affiliate manager will approve your account or will get in touch with you if there is a problem. It is important to provide correct contact information.
  • Use the code to attract clients to DesignContest

    You affiliate link will look like this: As you can imagine "affiliateId" is your personal ID in the system. You can use this link on your website, facebook or even in Google AdWords. Whenever you can see potential clients for DesignContest.
  • Clients launch their contests

    The cookies are stored for 90 days - this means that your users don't have to launch contests right away. You will still get your commission even if the user that you refer will return in a week or two to launch their contest. The process of launching a contest is simple and straighforward.
  • You get your commission

    The more clients you refer, the higher your commission is. We have established the following grid: if you refer 1 to 5 clients a month you will be paid $50 dollars per contest, if you refer more than 5 clients per month you will be paid extra $5 for each client. If you are committed to promote DesignContest there is no limit really to how much you can earn!
  • Withdraw your money

    When the contest that you have referred is over your commission is approved and when you accumulate $100 or more on your balance you can withdraw it using the most popular payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram or even your Payoneer account.

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