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We liked the way DesignContest works. Sadly the most designers were not able to understand and realize our requirements. Despite all that, we received a good logo at the end. We are happy with the result and we will use DesignContest again in the future.

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Winning design #7 by trustdesigns, Application Icon Design for Financial web applications Contest
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designed by trustdesigns

Project description


We are looking for a family of pictures (10 items) which we could use as logos and icons for our web applications.



·         All graphical items will be used within a business application made for the financial sector.

·         Logo of our web application (image and name/title of the website)

o   There is not too much space for the logo (max 30px height, width may be much larger but should have a reasonable size.

·         Icon of our web application (only image, no text, e.g. Usage for favicon, apple-touch-icon)

·         Maybe used for other purposes in the future (e.g. Logos on marketing flyers, give-aways)

Our requirements:

·         Images should have a serious look and should not be playful. Preferred looks are positive, friendly and adequate to the financial sector.

·         A simple design is preferred and should take the actual trend to be flat into account.

·         Images should not contain small details which are hard to identify in small resolutions/sizes

·         The family of images should have the capability to be extended in the future.

·         There are no limits in color usage.

Images should be provided in a common vector format (SVG preferred)

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  • More abstract #14
  • Feedback would be great please! I am able to chance colours or icons if needed! #13
  • dollar symbols can be changed
  • Feedback is welcomed sir :) #12
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  • Sir, Can u please make a feedback on #10
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  • What do we have to design for you ?? What pictures do you need? Be more clearly!!!
    • @Markus "Be more clearly" can be changed to "Be more clear" or "Be clearer".

  • Hello if i could get feedback on #5 it would be great. thanks!
  • We are thinking of a family of logos like creative suite from adobe or office from microsoft.
    (Logos will be used as logo of our web applications)
    What specific information is missing for you?
    • @log2finance Hello, some information on the web application itself (name of app, purpose/function) would help give an idea of what is needed. Also what 10 items would these icons represent? Thank you

    • @HappyGD Hello, thanks for your questions. Name: We don’t have names for those applications yet. (We are still working on those applications) Purpose: The web applications are the front-ends of our authorization, surveillance and monitoring services for financial transactions. The logos will represent those web applications.

    • @log2finance Thank you for your response. Unfortunately without much detail, I don't see how designers can create icons without knowing any information about the company, its products, competitors, etc. Maybe is there some examples from other businesses that can be shown for reference/comparison?

    • @HappyGD We did't want to provide too much details because we thought that the attributes we gave are more important than understanding what the web-applications are really for. Also we want to be open to have some input from _your_ side - not necessarily from our side. We don't see that the dry and abstract processes of our business is really helping you in terms of creating these images. About our company: we are a quite small company with high experience in technical details in authorizing, managing, routing and converting messages in fincancial transactions. We care about the needs people are having at the backoffice in financial institutes. About our products: We are specialised in creating services that convert protocols in technical messages. To have a picture: you may imagine in and outgoing money of an account and we are providing the services to make it possible on a technical level. In short: reliable, fincancial transactions. Our software is monitoring these services, these messages to help people in the back office to visualize those processes, to provide background information on these financial transactions and to care about the systems in use, including notification. Does it help? But we also fear these additional information is driving you in one direction and therefore we omitted them.

    • @log2finance This is a common misconception among clients; they believe that less information gives more creative freedom to designers. But most of the time that is not true. I know nothing of your company, or what these 10 icons are supposed to represent. That's the purpose of icons — to represent ideas/concepts/actions/direction on a universal level so there is an understanding among users. Without knowing what I'm supposed to design, these icons cannot portray any significant value. Without information on what these 10 applications are, I unfortunately won't be able to participate.

    • @HappyGD We are aware that the term 'fincancial transaction' is an abstract term that cannot be translated directly into a picture. If we would have a travel application it could be quite easily assigned e.g. with an airplane. But financial transactions are just information, which is quite hard to assign to a physical item. But to add this again: we don't want assignments to existing items which do not represent what we're doing. See also our reply to BarryR.

  • But what are your 10 Web applications you want us to design?
    • @BarryR As we already wrote: we don't know currently the names of these applications. Only two of them are already built, one is currently being created. The first application is about authentication of financial transactions. There are list of accounts, list of cards, list of limits, reports, transaction details, etc. The second application is a mobile application for surveillance of devices and the third one is also for surveillance of devices. While the second application is more about a quick view whether everything is OK (it shows a minimum of information) users are encouraged to use the third one to look into detail. There are status information about devices, error reports, error messages, account balancing lists, cash management information, statistics, reports, user management. About application 4 to 10: we could imagine applications special for cash management, notification, account balancing, management information, administrative panel, ... they are more or less for the future which is not well known yet.

  • What are those ten items, that you need to icon design?