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Winning design #120 by nn4s, Application Icon Design for GlamOn Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nn4s

Project description

We need an app logo and icon design for a company called GlamOn. We developed an iPhone App that teaches consumers how to put on makeup or style their hair. The app connects consumers with makeup artists whenever, wherever, who can then start live videos and teach the consumer how to do makeup. We want the artist to have full artistic freedom. 

Logo needs to be 547 x 43, or a multiple of that, and icon needs to be a square.  

The final design should communicate glamour, style, fashion, and beauty. 

Feel free to get more inspiration from other makeup tutorial sites like,,

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  • my first entry "glam on" was inspired in "on" boton and a lipstick. I tried to be very clean and sofisticated design
    Any changes just let me know

    Best Regards, #166
  • my new design #158

  • Please, don't mind to ask about any change
  • youthfull be creative and brave ! #145
  • youthfull be creative and brave #143
  • I Hope You Like it. Thank You. #133
  • Can we also try the color Pantone 2587 for the word "GLAM", and ALSO for the icon background? (

    Thanks #120
  • Can we remove this white stripe in the middle of the app icon? #120
  • And here's the update with the new lips =) #120
  • Updated without the lip outlines #119
  • Dear Sir, Kindly check my new entry... Thanks #118
  • Kindly view my logo sir.
    Thank you. #116
  • Please have a look n feedback on likes n dislikes for my submissions #76 #113 #114 #115. That will help me to present you better.
  • I like the look on both. Do you have a version without the lip outline?

    Thanks #87
  • Thanks for the update!

    can the lips be more like these? style but with the top an bottom lip perhaps a bit separated to make more of an O?

    Also, can color be changed to a brighter purple for the GLAM and for the background (look at the purple for #79)

    Font looks OK and modern, but can we change it to a thicker/heavier look? we want it modern but we don’t want it to be too similar to the feel of the ‘ON’ #71
  • Great suggestions, this is looking great! Let me know if you'd like any other changes. Thanks! #87
  • Hi CH,
    Check out my design! :) #86
  • Love the new design, here are some of the comments from the team:

    1. The lips - actually like this but want it a little more stylized (not massively so) also the center of the lips looks like a tooth - we don’t want that - we want something more along these lines: BUT that is also articulated to be an ‘O'

    2. Color on the lip (and the N) - this color doesn’t really work at all - it’s too matte and washed out - we want something that is more fuchsia like this color:

    3. The color on the GLAM doesn’t work - we need something like Pantone 187U (a cherry red) or a true black - maybe can try both

    4. The font on GLAM isn’t ideal - we need something a bit more modern looking - something along the lines of CodePro or Nexa #46
  • I hope you like it .. #77