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Winning design #22 by maxx, Banner Design for Facebook Timeline Banner Image Contest
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designed by maxx

Project description

We are looking to complete a new Facebook Timeline banner image project to move forward with the new Timeline fan page. We recently completed a Facebook banner project and I am attaching as examples those completed designs to give you guys a feel for what we thought was a great design originally, just needs to be re-done now with the advent of Timeline at Facebook. We also have provided several major brands and their new Timeline designs as examples. Below is an overview of the new design paramaters from Facebook: The Timeline cover displays a giant 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your Page. For a restaurant it could be a popular menu item, a band could display album cover art, and a business could show a picture of their customers using their product.” Covers may not display calls to action or references to Facebook features such as “Like this Page”, purchase or pricing info such as “40% off” or “Download at our website”, or contact information such as web address. Rajaram says “brands have been very positive [about the restrictions] because they don’t want to be seen as overly promotional — it’s a turnoff. Pick a visually stunning, high-resolution image that will delight or intrigue visitors and make them want to scroll down to your updates.

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  • your logo? and the stock image to be used from your company so we could manipulate it thanks
  • The 2 icon sets were provided as they have histoirically been used in the past as background watermarks. If it works in the design, great. If not, no worries.
  • I uploaded our old Facebook page image just to give you guys a good idea of concepts for splicing technology components.
  • Dear Designers - I do have .eps logo images for our company. For some ridiculous reason, the contest appears to only allow a single file upload before subsmitting the contest... I will attempt to reach out to Design Contest in order to clarify how I can upload more logo file options for use in the design. We have both square and horizontal logos available for design options. Our slogan is "SOLUTIONS OUTSIDE THE BOX" and my recommendation is to make the design around that concept in relation to the technology solutions we offer including: telephones, networking, and cabling.
  • maxx - going to make #22 the winner now. Will create a new project and directly hire you on it if you can commit to something similar to this cover image, only a different pixel ratio. I will provide all the details in the new contest... Just need a quick turnaround if at all possible by tomorrow. For this image, we prefer a .png but would really like to get it also in .jpg and .eps for future layering if required. Let me know if that works. Awarding it now. Thanks to all.
  • Dear CH, I'm interested in additional work, but I need more info and examples of inner page app images, since I'm not sure how it looks like. About curent contest, do I need to do some more changes? Thanks.
  • I see the difference now. Seems per your post that the slogan is just slightly more bolded. Probably like the original one because it has a little more buffer margin on each side. #22 is proabably it.
  • maxx - is there a difference in #22 and #29? If I get this awarded shortly, would you be interested in completing an additional inner page app image for our new Facebook app page as well? It would be similiar in size, maybe juat a little deeper with the same concepts, just layed out a little more unique... I would simply add value to the contest or hire you in a separate contest as long as you could get this done in the next 24 hours or less. Thoughts?
  • Dear CH, I try to bold "Solutions Outside the Box", if you need to be more bold I'll change to another font. Thanks.
  • maxx - try bolding the white font "Solutions Outside the Box" and we are pretty close. Thanks.
  • Overall, we are looking for something really clean that seems to "pop" when initially viewed. We like the idea of our simple logo on white background for the inset logo in bottom left corner as shown in #14, #15, #16 and #22. I think the watermark background image of #8 and #9 is helpful. The primary product image done by a previous designer in another generic Facebook contest as shown in #7 is a must. Any mix of these items that has a pop and clean look to it would be great. #22 is close. Hope this helps.
  • Hello. I am still working with the images inside the bubble, as I feel they are not quite right, but I have submitted my general design, #25, to see whether or not you would like me to proceed with it. Thanks!
  • So far I would say #22 from maxx is the leading choice. Like the clean logo in the lower left subset vs. the orange versions elsewhere. Probably want to include the images of the products as shown in #22 similar to that of the original Facebook design we uploaded as examples. The designs do not jump off the page but #22 is reasonably clean and professional looking to start. If there are any more graphics you guys would like to help in the deisgn, let me know as we have an entire media library and I can upload more example images... Thanks so much.
  • Dear CH, I just uploaded files. Please check them and if there is any problem with opening some of files I will reupload as soon as posible. Thank you.
  • Sounds good. Checking with my developer now on if we can use our original Facebook image as shown in example #7 for our inner app page starter... If not, we will do a new contest. If yes, I may send you a new contest anyway for e2 Consulting, our next project that is equally as time sensitive to do the same thing we just did with Ascend's cover image.
  • Ok, in next couple of hours or less I will upload design in .PNG, .JPEG, .PSD and .EPS file formats.