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Project description

I am wanting an A5 leaflet producing for my new Estate Agency business.  We offer sales, letting and management services.  I am wanting something which displays the services we offer and includes our current branding which can be seen on our website www.SKestateagents.co.uk. The leaflet will be A5 colour with no folds printed on the front and back.

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  • Hello, I've added the logo's in various formats under the example files section of the brief. I hope this contains the file format you requested. Thanks
  • Hello, do you have the vector format of your logo that would be very useful thank you?
  • Hello, I require a colour A5 leaflet which will be printed on the front and back.
  • Dear CH! Please also mention the size and folds (bi-fold, tri-fold) for Leaflet thank you
  • Hi Desktop, I like both designs but I'd like our logo to remain purple if possible. I am not sure about the pictures on #4, the map is of the London underground and the 'for sale' picture is of an American home. Maybe you could incorporate some of the pics off our website? Also instead of 'sell, rent and search', can we use 'Sales, Letting and Property Management'. Thanks for the good work! Steven
  • Dear Steven, Could you tell me your view about my design #4 and #5, and one thing more that is it always necessary that the color of your logo should purple or it can be varied up to design. please give me guideline for design and i hope i'll be give you satisfactory results. thanks a lot DesktopDesigns
  • For some reason our logo is coming out the wrong color on the entries, i suspect this is an error on my part. Can you please make our logo/branding the purple colour which is on our website. Also I've just add some more example of leaflets. These are laid our horizontally. Many Thanks
  • Hello Airb0rn - I have posed an exmple leaflet of one of our competitors Acorsys - I will try and make the contest blind ASAP but my paypal seems to be playing up. DesktopDesigns - I like it but not sure about the property in the background. Also i think there is alot of text which can somethime put people off. Maybe with the leaflet being printed front and back, one side could be for letting (advertising the landlords 'let only' and 'managed' services which are listed on our website) and the othe side could advertise what we offer with regards to sales. The links are below. Many thanks Steven http://www.skestateagents.co.uk/content/sales http://www.skestateagents.co.uk/content/information-for-landlords
  • I,ve submitted the design #2, please give your feedback, because this design is just a trial from my side, i want do much better for you. thank you...
  • Dear Stavrock Sorry for my delay, i was busy in some other works, but now I promise to give a design as per your need. and i also promise that there is no need to increase your amount. please give me some time... thank you
  • I've received around 250$, from what I remember. Please make this contest blind and I will post my design. I have already a project made for you but I will post it when the contest will be blind. Thank you very much.
  • What would you see on your leaflet? I can design everything! Do you have any examples of leaflet ? Or things you want to change on my design ?
  • Dear Acorsys, I liked the sales sheet you did from my chamber app. This is the kind of thing i am looking for. How much did you get paid for that? I considering increasing my prize amount. Thanks Steven
  • I've just looked through some of this designers previous work and it was quality! Shame this isn't one of his best attempts. Although i suspect the amount offered was a reason which is why I've increase it.
  • Hello Acorsys, I've increased the amount so hopefully we'll get more designers interested. Best Regards
  • Dear Stavrock, It is a lot of work and $100 is a very small budget. Maybe if you raise the budget more designers will post their projects. Best regards
  • Dear Stavrock, please check #20 and #21. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, About #19 my design. I hope you like it. I want to know what is wrong so I can improve my design. Thank you
  • Hello CH, My new corrected entries are #18, #27 & #30 with sales benefit bullets Looking forward your valuable comments Thank you.
  • Dear Stavrock, My corrected designs #17 & #24 (Old #15) Kindly give me comments for design Thanks Eraser