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Winning design #52 by rajagee, Business Card Design for Auto Co - Business Card Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

Auto Co is a car retailer and we are looking to separate ourselves from the pack. We need to design a new business card that expresses who we are. All our staff use their business cards as the first point of contact and it should reflect our modern, forward thinking approach to cars. We are running two other contests simultaneously, please have a look at them too.

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  • Hi Nila, We aren't making in a blind contest as yet. Will keep you posted. Thanks,
  • Hi, For the business card we would like to show our logo, website (, email address, phone number and location. We would also like our moto's to be used on either side of the card to (Real People, Real Cars, Real Prices) Thanks
  • Dear CH, Thanks CH for the contest just a quick question are we going to use the text that you had included in the brief? or are we going to have separate information for the card? and can we have that info if ever? Thanks CH,
  • Dear Theautoco Could you make it blind contest..? Regards + Best Nila
  • It's about #32. Excuse me. If you please, take a look at #32 . I made ​​a layout front and back. On the back I put a background color to not be boring and to distinguish.
  • Hello CH, I you please, take a look at #32 . I made ​​a layout front and back. On the back I put a background color to not be boring and to distinguish.
  • Hi, We would like three lines on the back of the card so we can write date, name and number there. Thanks,
  • Hi Ch please check out my first entry #9 #12 in your contest, and let know about your thoughts, Thanks Salman
  • Hi Djof, We don't have any logo's without the background as yet. We will upload one once we do. Thanks,
  • Hi, DIt would be good if you have logo without background
  • We like the curved edges and the simplicity. We would like the card to have out moto on the back. Also, a darker color for the card.
  • We would like the card to have our moto and some detail on the back as well. Thanks,
  • Dear CH please eliminate my entry #69, wrong submit thanx !!!!!
  • Hi, Our design #66 is quite a simple design in which a minimalistic approach is favoured over a more complex design as to still give your clients neccesary information but maintaining clutter to a minimum. Thanks
  • Hi CH, Here is my design #67 and #68. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • Check design #7. Front is made in full color mode and back is made from one color only (This card is cheaper to print than full color on both side).
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a new design - entries #81, #82, #83 and #84. I hope you like it. Looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards
  • Hi, We would like a space for three lines with a white background on the bottom left hand corner of the back page. Also, curved corners. Thanks,
  • Hi Akki, Can you please adjust the back of the card to have the curved line on the back with a white background behind the lines, as there may need to be written on. Thanks,
  • Hi Rajagee, Thank yo for the updates. Could you please remove the Logo and coloured band from the back of the card. And have the Moto on the back the whole length of the top. With commas not lines between them. Can you please make the line on the front (between the white and dark pattern) curved as on the back. Thanks again,