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designed by cyanyde

Project description

We have had an amazing logo and website designed for The Wag Trade on We now just need the Business Card designed....front and back. We need the designs in a fully layered, PSD format. I have uploaded the most recent versions of the logo and website pages. The website pag are not completely fi usher yet, but will give you all an idea of the colours style and general feel of the company's brand image and colours used. BUSINESS CARD DESIGN : IDEAS (FRONT OF THE CARD) I would like the card to incorporate the pink and White stripes, plus also the barbed roses, both of which you will see on the top of each of the website page designs. It would also be great to include the "shop-sign" in the card's design, (which can be seen on the top-left of each of the website page designs). Finally, I would like the logo - ie the girl and dog characters - to be I clouded in the design, if possible. It might be a fun idea to slightly alter this picture and have a different and larger (toy, eg Chiwawa, Yorksire Terrier, Maltese) dog walking the same, but smaller, girl? There does not need to be any text on the front of the Business Card, apart from the name of the shop (ie, "The Wag Trade"). As stated above, I would like this shop name to be inside the "shop-sign" image as seen on the top-left of the website page designs. BUSINESS CARD DESIGN : IDEAS (BACK OF THE CARD) I only need website address, email address and telephone number details on the back of the card. The text: "A complete capsule collection of charming canine couture" could also be written on the back of the card.

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  • Hi there, I am so sorry, there has been some problems uploading the files and so I have asked Customer Support to do it for me. I am hoping it will be done shortly. Please bear with me?! Sorry. M
  • Please upload the files.
  • HI CH, I could not find any attachment in the brief where it is? Thanks Arsalan
  • Hello CH, Here is my first entry. Thanks ARSALAN
  • Hi CH: I hope this is more to your liking. The concept is the dog leading the lady to the store front, excited to go Let me know what you think. There is also a small black mark on the left hand side that will be removed, was a foresight.
  • The colours are lovely but the overall look is not fabulous enough! The stripes are a bit strange at the top and bottom of the card. (Is this because I have not uploaded the proper layered formats of the stripes and roses images?) Also, i do not need the other dog images, just the dog that is on the lead with the girl. Finally, there is no shop-sign and the same comments as I made below, at Design #5, regarding the dog and girl apply here. Thanks so much! M
  • Thank you for this. The colours are very good. However, the pink and white stripes need to be vertical, rather than horizontal and the barbed roses at the top of the card. Also, again, this is a bit too "fussy" and although the font is very beautiful, it is not really clear enough to read. I also think I would prefer there not to be any pictures on the back of the card, just the text. Sorry! M
  • front@ #8 back@ #9
  • Again, this look is certainly on the right track and the use of the stripes and roses are just what I am looking for. However I think I'd prefer to keep the back of the card a bit "cleaner" and less fussy, so that there is no girl or dog or other drawings, just the text. The icon symbols are rather nice though, but I'm not sure if these exact ones are the nicest they can be....?
  • Thank you so much for your design. This has a lovely look and the colours are very near to what I am looking for. It's just a bit too "busy" though and I think I'd like more focus on the girl and the dog (as to which, see the comments below at Design #5) and just the stripes, the barbed roses and the shop sign. Perhaps the shop-front and lamppost images could be faded out some more and be more of a silhouette in the background? M
  • See comments for #5.
  • See comments for #5. Thank you.
  • Thank you so much for your entry. This is very promising, but the colours are not quite right and the overall look is a little bland and not fabulous enough! I would like to see the barbed roses on the card and also, as I say in the brief, I would like to try the girl smaller and the dog larger, so it looks like the dog is walking the girl. Perhaps the girl can look as though she is slightly in the background? The dog at the bottom of the page, on the far right side of the "shop interior" scene is the one I would like to try for this. I hope that makes some sense?!? M
  • front #7 and back #6
  • Did you not read the brief?!?
  • CH: Everything on the business card was recreated in a scalable vector, so it can be resized.
  • Hi CH: Here is another revision. I made the roses smaller and thicker, I also lightened the back.
  • Hi CH: Here is another revision. Keep the communication coming that is how we can figure out what you actually have in mind and also to make sure you completely love your design. Don't worry your not being fussy, your actually helping. As for the scrolls the reason it is so hard for everyone is because they are not print ready so we have to reproduce them to the best of our ability. :)
  • #50 is a revision of #48 per request, no need to apologize! Your card should look how you want it. Thanks!
  • I'm afraid the scrolls are a little too small and the quality of the image doesnt look really good if i try to make them bigger :( Still trying, though