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Winning design #21 by rajagee, Business Card Design for Route 66 Driving School Business Card Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

i need to deign business card front and back one with my information and another one with company information only with no names both cards with scan-able bar-code or if you dont have scan-able bar-code maker please leave a section in the front business card for the bar-code. i need my business card in Horizontal layout. No idea of Colors feel free :) Business Card for Company only: Route 66 Driving School 5777 W. Century Blvd, Suite 1601, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Toll Free: 855.777.2232 Facsimile: 855.504.1115 e-mail: Website: _____________________________________ Business Card for Owner: Route 66 Driving School Name: Matt Galal Title: President/CEO 5777 W. Century Blvd, Suite 1601, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Toll Free: 855.777.2232 Cellular: 310.876.5262 Facsimile: 855.504-1115 e-mail: Website:

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    • Thank you for entering my BC contest. however i don't like the Font and the Text size is too big

    • so what would you like me to fix ? what style font would you like as well as size ?

  • can you please change Fax to Facsimile
    • Hi, I made the changes and submitted #32. Glad you like my design :) Thanks, Matt

  • thank you for entering my contest, please add QR to your designs and the back of the business card, i requested 2 side BC front and back to each card, Regards
  • Dear Ch, upload Business Cards for Company please check thanks
  • please make the logo on the front bigger
    • Thank you for the feedback and finished with my other entry #26. Also, made a different back and if you have any other feedback, please tell me.

  • please add the address
    • please check out my entry #25 with changes which you mentioned

  • thank you but please change the (Fax) to Facsimile and please check my brief again i made some changes and i added office address
  • Attn: All sorry for confusing you all it should be QR not Bar-code
    • Dear CH, please check my design included QR code thanks

  • can you please change Fax to Facsimile
    • Yes sir i have change the Fax to Facsimile, sir one question you want bar code or QR code on the visiting card ?

    • Thank you, and Yes QR is the right answer thank you for helping me on this one :)

  • and website should be
  • can you please change Fax to Facsimile
  • the bar-code provided by most dispenser not sure if this the right one or maybe this is the new design for bar-codes, however this is how business card bar-code should look like or this is the one i know that i can scan by smart phone:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.b2I&fp=137114422bd2f0f7&biw=1280&bih=709
  • Attn: All can you please change Fax to Facsimile
  • How dose the Rating Work??
  • Hello CH, Please check and provide feedback for #3, thank you
  • Dear CH, please check my 1st entry & appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hello, i request Landscape (NOT Portrait)

    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback, i upload more new designs landscape i hope you like my design and idea, appreciated feedback thanks

  • Dear CH, please check it out my first entry #4 your feedback will be very appreciated for me. Regards
  • I would like some feedback on my design (#2). Thanks.
  • Hello, i request Landscape (NOT Portrait)
  • Hey, are you sure you want a 3" * 2.5" version? But everyone are uploading cards of other ratios. Why?