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Winning design #31 by Smiridon, Car Wrap Design for ZoneOne Locating Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Smiridon

Project description

Utility marking company seeks eye-catching truck graphics.

We are a company that marks underground utility lines prior to excavation.  You can learn more by visiting our website at .  I've attached a stock photo to illustrate what we do.  I don't expect it to actually be used in the design.

 I'm looking for a partial wrap for my 2013 Toyota Tacoma four door short bed truck.  The areas I want to cover are both sides between the wheel arches (basically the cab), and the tailgate. I want to avoid the back and side windows if possible, although if you have a strong design that needs the space, feel free to break that rule.  

The winning design should feature the logo and phone number ( 763.682.0206 ) on the sides.  The tailgate should feature all of that as well as the tag "We mark what the One-Call doesn't".  


NOTES: 3/9/15 --

I'm looking for bold graphic elements.  The logo should be left as is.  Feel free though to use modern or off-beat fonts for the tagline and phone number.  The website doesn't need to be in the design at all, or prominently featured.  My industry uses spray paint to mark the lines, so if you can include a graphic that has an overspray look or effect, that's great, as is really any texturizing that looks gritty or industrial.  The rear of the bed features factory "TRD" logos from Toyota.  I'l like to leave them in place, so if designs could avoid that area, it would be helpful.  Again, if the design is really strong, this can be more of a suggestion than a rule.  

NOTES: 3/13/15

My sincere apologies to all designers who I have thought removed the word "Locating" from my logo.  It is not in the source files I originally attached.  It must have been added somewhere along the way.  Please see the two newly uploaded JPEG files containing the full logo.  I apologize that I don't have them in the same format as the originals.  Best regards, MNCK.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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