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how do I become a top designer?

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#1 Lottendahlia


    Junior Member

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Posted 04 October 2022 - 08:40 PM

I don't know if it's my computer or internet or this forum, but for some reason it looks like only the heading of my topic was posted? At least I can't see the full message I wrote here so I'll just post it here again just incase:


I'm new here and confused with the level system..


So I already designed this one logo for a contest that turned out to be only for top designers. I read the brief on my phone and the submit button was active on the mobile version so I didn't realize there was this system before I was just about to submit my work. First of all I'd like to know if there was anyway I could still contact and maybe show my design to the contest holder?


But more importantly I'd like to know more about how exactly does one become top designer? I understood that I can only enter 3 contests but I need to earn points and medals to level up, is that correct (sounds a bit brutal to me especially when there's only a few available that I can enter)? Where exactly do I get the points and how much for what? And how much do I need to become top designer? 

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#2 Babba


    Lead Moderator

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Posted 04 October 2022 - 09:25 PM

Hi, welcome to DC. 

Your other thread/post is this: , https://www.designco...eveling-up.html but it is empty. I will delete it, since you made a new one (this one).

It may have that site has a few glitches when you watch it over phone. if not for glitch reason, then for better view anyway . I am not sure what do you mean by submit the work/design over the phone. I hardly believe anyone does it. 


Regarding the contest features, in particular - Top Designers Only - it is only for top designers.


In order to reach Top Designers you will need to enter contests and accumulate good ratings by the client and win medals, at least 1 gold/silver/bronze or have "1on1" project with the client.

We can not tell or predict how long will it take, because it really depends on you, your work, client and luck.

At the moment there are 9 open contests you can enter: 6 logo designs, 1 website design, 1 Banner design and 1 label design. 



Please make sure you read the rules and follow them:




Good luck with contests!

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