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Winning design #47 by HappyGD, Graphic Design for Referral system interface Contest
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designed by HappyGD

Project description

We are going to create a referral system for internet users. The main user interface of the system would look like a widget which could be inserted to the site. Please, take a look at the wireframes in attachment. Notice, that we are not sure about the widgets style - it could be serious, playful etc. Widget would be installed on a lot of websites, so the design should look "cool" on each site, and not to be very specific. Try to use neutral colors, styles. Also, the elements maybe placed not only in tabs, they could be all in one page, or in a few of them - up to you.

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  • Hello, Do you have any dimensions for this GUI Widget? Thanks!
    • wmt

      Hi there. No, it would be a pop-up on button-click, so, the sizes could be different. The main idea is everything should look and fit good. Thank you!

  • Hello again, I've submitted #2, #3 & #4 to check and see if the look and feel of the designs are going in the right direction (before creating the rest of the tabs). *Click on the photo thumbnail to see it in actual pixel size. The three widgets created show three different styles; we can mix and match if you like certain elements in one entry that you would like to see in another. In terms of color, at this stage I decided to keep everything monotone until we decipher which color pallet creates the best fit for most websites Note: For #2 the Facebook and Twitter tabs were combined into a "Social Media" tab. For #3 the rewards counter ("Earn a $15.00 reward...") is hypothetically placed in the My Profile tab. Thanks
    • wmt

      Please, take a look on my comments.

  • Hello, I just have a couple questions: —- Do you need a designed interface for each individual tab (Login/Registration, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc)? —- Are you looking for any backend/frontend coding to be done, or do you just need the UI components? —- What kind/type of files are you looking to receive at the end? Thanks
    • wmt

      Hi there! - Yes, designed interface for each tab; - No, only for psd images;

    • Thank-you for your response! I should have something for you by the end of the weekend. One more question: would you like 2 versions of each interface (1 for retina displays), or is that not necessary? Thanks again

    • wmt

      Not necessary :) Thank you!

  • Hello, thank-you for your feedback and suggestions. I'm currently at work right now, but I will upload all the design updates by the end of today. #7 #3 #4
    • wmt

      W8ing for your entries. Thank you!

    • You're welcome! Aside from the color alterations for the previous submissions, I also designed #25 – #30 for review. By chance, would you have any examples of widgets or other interfaces that you personally like, that you may want to mimic in your referral system design? Just asking in case you had something specific in mind. Thank you!

  • wmt
    I like icons, but not sure about green color in the header. Also, -o- looks like "o" letter, not like a zero.
  • wmt
    Same as #6
  • wmt
    Same as #4
  • wmt
    Could we try different color scheme and fonts? Please, upload more tabs.
  • wmt
    This one still looks like a wireframe. We are looking for more colorful design. Thank you!
  • one more thing about #8 please let me know your comment about each part separately: start pages, share options, user pages & mouse over thanx!
  • wmt
    Looks good, but very similar to all other icons/interfaces in the internet. Could we try with other icons / places of the elements? Thank you!
    • Thanks for feedback I try my best, but most of used icons are corporation logo and couldn't be change. in addition, familiar icon doesn't need to be learned! I have some idea about the way of interaction, i put mouse over style which shows a little about this interaction. also when user click on profile of rewards, black part comes up. I need to know more about your pages, for example i put some information in profile and rewards, could you prepare such information to user!? by the way, i think a clear and user friendly UI is the best one. Thank you again

  • WMT, Designs #22 and #23 are my first concepts for your widget design. This design is very simple and can easily be adjusted to fit various client needs. With this design, you could easily offer different color options to your clients, which gives them the option to customize for their website. I could design 5-10 color combinations to be used for this design if you would like. If you would like to see any changes please let me know! Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch Claunch Design
  • wmt
    Icons looks good, could I see all the interface please?
  • Blue&white is better!
  • Thanks for your comments. Based on what you mentioned, you like colored icons/tabs and the colors blue and white. Submitted are designs #33, #34, & #35 (based on 21). Let me know if these are heading more in the right direction. Thanks
  • Hi Contest Holder, Here is my design #31 Tell me what do you think, I can design all you want. I hope you like !
    • I agree with you, I will remake the design but is what you love the "layout" ?

    • wmt

      Yes, layout looks good, lets try to add some graphic elements and colors.

  • Not sure about this color... Interface looks good!
  • I do not like this blue color.
  • I do not like gradient at all.
  • I like the icons, but the other elements still looks like a wireframe.