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Winning design #11 by ElodieMendes, Graphic Design for Contest
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designed by ElodieMendes

Project description

We are looking for a box design for a retail application. Our product is new and there is nothing like it on the market so we want to capture the attention of the retail person. Our product will be in different retail locations. Children stores, automotive after part stores. We want a design that quickly conveys the message we are trying to tell people. We are looking to convey a couple of messages Installs in less than 30 seconds no tools required Best way to cool your child or keep them warm Government recommended to keep children rear facing till 2 years old simplicity and quickly able to tell what our product is will be the winner please ask all the questions you would like

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  • Greetings, I'm interested in working on this box design, but I have a few questions that aren't specified in the brief: —- What are the dimensions of the product when it's shipped or bought in store? Or are there already existing packaging dimensions that you would like to use? —- Are there any high-quality photos that can be provided? As well, would you happen to have a vector/high-quality version of your logo? —- Do you have any color preferences? —- For the winning design file, will you just be needing the dieline? Thanks for your time, that's all the questions I have at the moment.
    • Great questions if you have a dropbox account send me your email address and i can add you to the press folder that has some images in there... the box dimentions are going to be 12x9x5 but the boxes are going to be clear this is just an insert that is going into the box. Our product comes in different colors so we want them to be able to see the color of the noggle thats in the box. no color preference just something that catches the eye because our product is unique. we will need a dieline for the end file but think of the design as a insert that will slide into a clear box. any more questions please ask

  • i like the idea. i think there needs to be a car integrated somewhere. We want people to understand what it is in 5 seconds just by looking at the box. The test should be if you show it to your friend without telling them what it is and then they are able to tell you what it is quickly thats the type of box we are looking for
  • i like the way you are going we have images that you can use if you have a drop box email let me know i can get you access to the folder. look at the other comments for some more ideas... this is more of an insert that is going into a clear box because the noggles come in different colors we want the customer to be able to see the colors that are in the box.
    • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. Kind regards, F.

    • done

  • hey CH, please provide more information regarding the function of the product.
    • the products main function is to extend the a/c or heat in a car to kids in rear facing car seats or anyone sitting in the back seat of the car

  • we like it so far we still want to be able to put it infront of someone that does not know our product and have them tell us what it is in 5 seconds
    • Thank You for your valuable feedback.. If you have another image I'll try to improve it.. Thank You :)

  • Hello CH, please check at #6... I've used all the image and logo from your website.. Any feedback would be great for me.. Best regards, Erkou :)
  • look at bubblebum box design for inspiration
  • Dear CH, Hope #7 or #8 meet your expectation, feel free to give any suggestion to make them better Regards, Erkou
  • Sharing files out of this platform is against the rules! Please add the photos here!!
    • did not know it was against the rules but there are about 60 files in that folder i can give you access to

  • Dear getnoggle, I have few question before my next entries.. just to make clear about dimension..12x9x5... Which one is the height or width? And If only one sided then you only need front side, right? Thank you Regards, Erkou
    • h.w.d and it will be the front side and the right and left side

  • Dear CH, I hope you like my entries #19, #12 and #11, I only notice now that there is a mistake in the " An air extension direct...." I apologize for that, I will correct it but I will wait for some feedback to make a new submission. Thanks!
  • Spy
    Hello dear Contest Holder. I like to participate in this, and have just a question: As far as I understand (by reading through the comments) you DON'T need a box design, just an INSERT design that will be rested INSIDE the box. Is that correct? And, if yes, you need a one-side printed insert or two-sides printed one? Could you please also grand me access to the dropbox files? My email address: tsimouris.s @ gmail . com Thank you in advance
  • we have been doing a focus group and this one is the one that is coming out the best but we need some changes with design, pics and wording would that be ok?