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Winning design #11 by NLCE, Graphic Design for Anime Ticket & Poster Contest
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designed by NLCE

Project description is the leader in event ecommerce products: event and raffle tickets, invitations, wristbands, event badges and programs, postcards, flyers, posters, and banners. We serve customers across a wide range of events and fundraising activities. provides an extensive library of customizable online templates, and we are continuously looking for new designs to add to our inventory. REQUIRED: Visit the link below for all design specifications: Please use the sample copy below for the layouts of the poster and ticket. (This copy is provided only as a sample, the final copy will be placed by our customers. Please make your design as versatile as possible for a ANIME EVENT) THEME: ANIME ************************************ POSTER COPY The Anime Festival Presented by Anime Forever Featuring: games artist booths performances prizes Costumes are encouraged! Gather your friends, design some great costumes, and come down for an evening of amazing fun! Saturday August 30th 5:00pm - 1:00am At the Local Convention Center Cost: $20 per person For more information, please call 555-555-1234 or visit the website: Thank you to our sponsors TICKET COPY The Anime Festival Presented by Anime Forever games - artist booths performances - prizes Costumes are encouraged! Saturday August 30th 5:00pm - 1:00am The Local Convention Center Cost: $20 per person No. 0001 *************************************** Please be original (do not copy a poster from Google image search) Creative and cutting edge copy layout Provide room for the final customer to upload their own sponsor logos. ***You are welcome to use stock imagery from Our total budget for imagery is 100 credits, but the image MUST be Extended X. If an image does not offer Extended X we are unable to use it. You can download a comp for placement and then if you are chosen as the winner, I will replace the comp image in your final files with the high resolution image. The use of fotolia imagery needs to leverage your design, not just an image you purchase and slap some text on top. We need the fotolia images to be a great addition to YOUR design. Please review the follow use of the fotolia image and how it was incorporated into our current Designer's creation: Yoga Poster: Final Poster: Roller Derby: Final Poster: Bass Fishing Poster: Fotolia image: Final Poster: The fotolia images need to enhance YOUR design not rely completely on it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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