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Winning design #171 by graphman, Graphic Design for Virtual Reality Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

I am the new owner of a 2005 Manta Mk II 42' sailing catamaran which I have named "Virtual Reality" and I would like to have an amazing graphic for the name on the hulls, and also a solution for the hailing port on the stern of the boat. The hailing port is Sarasota, FL.

I was bitten by the VR bug back in the 1990's and have always loved TRON and built a business around VR technology. Also I am a painter (artist) and the idea for my business came while I was traveling around the world aboard my first boat in 1993. So for the style of the logo I'd like to see a combination of that painterly style in the typeface but blended with some cyberpunk VR type stuff from the 1990s. Most of all it has to look cool. The brush stroke type face was just my initial thought, but i am not locked into that totally. I just need a really great design.

You can see the Yacht at this link and in photos provided, and you can see where the old name (Bristol Dream) will be replaced with the new name. Here is a link but if you Google "bristol dream manta" you will find many images and even videos of the boat online. I am also going to change the color scheme of the boat a bit in the future, repainting the bottom black instead of the foam green. The forest green stripes will stay as well as the forest green sail covers and accents. So the final colors for the boat will be white, black, and Forest green (no light green).

There are exhaust ports by the name where you can see some discoloration from exhaust, (as a bonus) I would prefer something dark around that area to mask that.

Please do your best to make the design safe to be printed on a suitable printer for marine use (I'm thinking vinyl). Would prefer to see the graphics in context on a line drawing (or rendered bitmap) of a hull detail. I am also planning to have a sailing blog at some point, and the graphic would be used in the home page banner of that as well. Thank you and good luck!!

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  • Amazing work!! I love it.. Cannot wait to get the layered working files. Once I have them I will consult the graphics company that will do the wrap and let you know what else they need. Thanks!! Awesome working with you:) #171
  • Pretty sure this is the one #3... should be plenty big and fit fine on the stern. Thanks! #170
  • Shadows fixed. #171
  • 1. Original extreme arch 2. Reduced, smaller arch 3. Untouched 4. Slightly expanded up #170
  • Distance of this drop shadow appears to be further away than on other side. Please match other side. Thanks! #169
    • Got it. Thanks. brb About #169, @jhazelton

  • Please reduce down to 75% of this size and reduce arc. It can probably just be straight across since there isnt much curve there anyhow. Thanks! #168
  • About #169, @graphman Awesome!! I love it. Great work Graphman!
  • Drum roll. :) #169
  • Here are the new layouts. Check it out in full view to see the reality details. I'm working on the flip side. #168

    • @graphman Great. looks really nice on the clean photo. Sorry about the dock in the other one but I think it is pretty much a mirror, that should allow you to at least check it to see. Brush stroke looks nice, you have the idea. Adding a few more bristle lines inside the stroke would be fine as well. Thanks.

    • @jhazelton Got it.

  • Here are the samples with the tweaks. #162 #163 #164 If it's possible. Could you take a side picture (flat on) of the boats side panel, where the graphic is going? I would like to create a template, so that the artwork sits just right.

  • The little white circle under the manta is where the exhaust would be. #160 #159 #161
    • @graphman Thank you that is awesome! See the few images I posted which push the manta back a bit further and change the stern a bit. The only one last thing I would love to have in this design is to make that swooshy white stripe as it moves over the hull and makes the word reality and heads to the Manta, look more like a brush stroke with some brush texture inside of it and on the edges. It is beautiful and I really like it, but just to get the original thought of the design fully realized that should be like an oil paint brush stroke. I love the flow of it. Also can you add a drop shadow to the stroke and the word reality, I had one on the last set of feedback images and thought it looked nice and added a bit more dimension. You're great man, I love what you've done. Please also give me some specs on how the image is composed. I'd like it in layers if you have it and if its a bitmap please make sure resolution is at least 300 DPI for the Ten foot wide span. It's a big one I know. Thanks!!

    • @jhazelton Thank you. I shall return.

  • I still really like the flow on this one and the weight of everything. That is why I based the feedback image i posted on it. If you use the water brush ROB font, with this idea, I think we are just about there. Thanks! #142
    • @jhazelton Ok. got it. I shall return.

  • I worked on the brush stroke effects, and tweaked the design a bit. I added a fade on the ground and one a solid. #151 #152
    • @graphman, I just added an image to the Brief (in what I like) that i put a specific font called Water Brush ROB (found on into your design. It is done roughly but I really like this particular font. If you could join it up with your ribbon in a nice flowing manner all the better. Also added a bit of a drop shadow which looks nice. Please take that direction. Also I do like the fade on the ground plane, but want you to try reversing it so that the green part is on the left, this way the exhaust port (which was in the original image) is over black. Also please check to make sure the manta graphic you added is not falling on the exhaust port, that would be a shame. Add the drop shadow onto the ribbon as well. As for the Sarasota Florida, you can try the Water brush font for that also, but may not be legible enough. If you could spell out Sarasota, Florida with your the designed font use for the word "Virtual" and see how that looks that would be cool. Also I'd like U.S.A. added, so that might make sense to do that one in the Water Brush. There is plenty of room on the stern for all of it. Even if Sarasota, Florida was arched over the U.S.A.. I think you can make something cool with that combo or just using the virtual font. That last round with the brushstroke font wasn't working for me, and the boldness of the outline was starting to make it look pink. So I based my feedback image on one generation ago. I really like the ribbon. Thanks!

    • @graphman Also it will be important to understand how the layout of the image is on the starboard side of the boat, everything will be flipped a bit. can you do a mock up of that side as well, shifting it over that side of the boat to see how it falls. Look out for that exhaust port as well (it looks like a small black circle on the hull). Thanks, I feel like we are getting down to the final details on this. Awesome work!

  • VR-6

    Purple variation in large display. #149
  • VR-5

    What do you think of this treatment? #148
  • Please do some more with the manta to make it look techy:) thanks Fabio. #135
    • About #135, @jhazelton Sure thing, check this new version out: #148 (and a purple version: #149).
      Again, if a black base paint or vinyl wrap is not too expensive, it'd be both a good background to make the graphics pop more and a solution to mask the exhaust fumes' smear. See what you think.

  • really like the addition of the purple accents. #142
  • Really like all you are doing Graphman! Please work some more with the word "Reality" so it reads more clearly, the R is looking a bit like a P, I'd still like to see some element of brushstrokes, with some paint texture in them. Also I'm looking to have the calling port in just a text treatment.. How would you approach that? Awesome, love the white background as well for flexibility. You've got an amazing talent! #145
    • @jhazelton Thank you so much! I will work on the requests.

  • This is pretty much exactly what I asked you for. Great execution! #144
  • Hi, sorry I've been out of touch a bit. I left early morning yesterday and A, traveling until Thursday with limited wifi. I will comment when I can with feedback but all in all the designs are looking great!!!