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Communication with the Contest Holder commenting in contests



We employed the new comment system to facilitate the communication between CH and designers.

Here we will explain the innovations in the system.

The communication is done in a new way. Now you can Reply directly to the comment.

If you use “Reply” button it will quote the message you are replying to.

The comments are seen in a tree line, which can be minimized.

Designers can filter the comments with the help of "Show only my conversations" – shows the conversations that you started or commented in and hides the others."Hide other designers" option appears only after selection of “Show only my conversations” and hides the comments of other designers in the conversations that you started or commented in.

Communication in the blind contest remained unchanged. The direct messages are seen only to sender and receiver. General comments are seen to everyone.

To post a general comment not connected to an antry click on the "new message" button


During a contest, designers and contest holders may not communicate with each other outside of the contest topic (unless the contest is a one on one contest). This is to make the design environment a fair place for everyone, eliminating the chance of "favorites" being made outside the forum. Designers found communicating with contest holders outside the forum will be immediately banned.
Designers may not comment on another designers work inside the contest topic. Instead, designers may comment with each other through private message or by posting a topic inside the "Design Team Only" forum.


• Keep communication with the contest holder professional and friendly. Do not beg for feedback, do not ask for additional entries, and do not include personal information or contact information in any communication with the CH.


• Absolutely no contact with contestholder outside of Designcontest, anytime while contest is open or closed.

 Members found to be communicating with a contest holder outside of the contest will immediately be banned. This means no communication with a contestholder  even if the contest has closed/finished a copntest. If the contestholder wants to work with you, he/she can use the "hire me" button they see in your profile

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