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Winning design #27 by todorut, Icon Design for 5 iPod App Icons Design Contest
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designed by todorut

Project description

I am making a language learning app for the app store and need 5 icon designs for Mandarin German Italian Spanish French They will be called accordingly, "Bozen Italian", "Bozen French"...etc. I have the logo attached for the company and you can draw inspiration from that or give me other ideas. The name of the company is BOZEN. Bo in Chinese means "ripple" and Zen in Japanese is about the simplicity of life and peace. Please have the same theme for all the family of apps but differentiate them by language. Thanks and good luck!

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  • MDAP- it is from Spain. Thanks!
  • Dear Contest Holder I would like to join your contest. It would be helpful if you tell us how you want to call the apps. Then its easier to decide if we want use just an illustrated picture or even words in the icon. Best Regards and a happy 2013! Stylefox
  • Clarifying question: Is it Spanish from Mexico or Spanish from Spain?
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #8 . Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #7. Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Dear CH, I've sent my entry #10. I hope You like it ! Thank You
  • Dear Contest Holder - Are you ready for 3D? Check out Entry #9 ! - Or do you like a very loud design, that catches everyones eyes? Have a look at #5 . - Or are you just looking for a simple, minimal and luxury icon? That's the #4 . Enjoy the design! Stylefox
  • Hi everyone! Good work. I found a website that has some of the effect I am looking for. http://thedesigninspiration.com/articles/30-beautiful-ios-app-icons-from-mobile-tuxedo/ It's a neat site that might give some inspiration. I know I am not being incredibly specific, but it's because I don't want to close you in to an idea. Thanks!
  • Mora and Posspoint great job with the liquid feeling. Is there anyway at all even some part of the logo or name can be placed in it?
  • zerger-neat stuff, could you try some other things with the gray background though?
  • Hello, I'm just curious, can the BOZEN logo be manipulated or changed in any way? I'm asking since the logo in #8 is different than the one you provided (the water mark is much bigger in this example). Thanks
  • Hello Everyone, good job so far, but if you could somehow give the sense of water rippling, or liquid color of the different countries. The plain flag is nice but it is too common I think...