Working kristijp has been amazing! All of our feedback was understood perfectly and the response times were very fast! We couldn't be happier with the end result. kristijp was the clear winner early on in this contest.


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Our Awaken alarm clock application for Mac OS X is in need of an icon refresh. We want to update our existing icon to better fit in with the icon style introduced with Mac OS X Yosemite.

Here's a link to our current icon:

Here is a blog post regarding the design style change introduced in OS X Yosemite:

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  • Nice tweak! I like the rounded - I didn't even think of that. Winner! #35
  • This is looking fantastic! Could you try changing the shadow on the clock hands to match the shadow on the Safari compass? I think it needs to be a little darker and sharper. #14
    • @jerry2 Thanks! Awesome. I can do that, I did do a little research on exactly how the Safari icon was made, so I'll give that a go and resubmit a new version in this set up for you.

    • @jerry2 have a look at #32 and let me know if that shadow looks better to you. If not I'll carry on tweaking it until we get what you're looking for. -Kristi

    • @kristijp to me, it looks perfect now. Is there anything about it that you would change? I'm 100% pleased with it now - just curious if you had any notes :)

    • @jerry2 That's great news! Nothing I would change personally. The only note I can come up with is that I noticed you were making some comparisons to the Safari icon– and in matching the shadows I saw the rounded dashes, and just thought I would offer up an option with rounded number dashes for comparison incase it turns out you prefer that. If you like #35, we can go in that direction, if not we can stick with what we've got. Just wanted to cover all the bases!

  • Hi @jerry2! Please check my entries. Tell me what you thing. regards
  • Once we get the icon finalized, would you be able to supply it in the following PSD template? #14
    • @jerry2 I can do that, no problem.

  • About #20, @ideasstudio Dear CH, I've submitted entry #20, #21 & #22 for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Hi! I upload my creation. Do you had a look to it ? Give me a feedback plz.. thanks ^^
  • This is closer. I'd remove the shadows from the number lines. What's lacking on this is the chrome/metal. The bells at the top look very flat. Check out these Yosemite icons which have metal components: #13
    • @jerry2 Pulled some of the warm/cool colors from the Inspecting Yosemite blog, and gone for more of that brushed metal look of the Settings/Xcode-Hammer icons. I'm happy to keep making changes until you feel it's spot on. #13

    • @kristijp I'm confident that we'll get there! As mentioned, the piece between the bells needs some style. Also, please try increasing the length of the red hand to match the length it was in the original Awaken icon. Would it be possible to email me a png version with transparency after the next round of edits so I can try it on various backgrounds, etc? jerry@

    • @kristijp also, please take a look at the subtle tiny outline on this icon: - it's a thin grey line that helps it pop from a light background. Can you incorporate this?

    • @jerry2 I'll adjust the shadows, and the length of the red hand then at take a look at the light line– I'm sure it won't be a problem to incorporate. I can definitely see now what you're referring to with the piece between the bells so I'll make some adjustments there. As far as emailing, unfortunately Design Contest has rules against me doing that– but if you wanted to post me some links to photos or if you just have an of a space you'd like to see it presented in (i.e. the dock/Finder), I'll be more than happy to upload examples for you. I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience.

    • @kristijp Cool - I'd like to see it on a white background next to other Yosemite icons at the same size. Could you add space to right the http://metal.png referenced earlier so I can see the Awaken icon next to those other metal icons. Thanks again!

    • @jerry2 for #14 I made those adjustments (adding the white line, extending red hand, detailing the middle bit, and changing the shadow) and put it with a few more icons in addition to the metal ones. If you'd rather see it larger with just metal, let me know, and I can do that. I left the large version with this one so it would be easier for you to make requests about smaller details.

  • Looking better - the piece between the bells is in need of definition. It's really flat and unstyled. Can you also adjust the clock hand shadows to closer match the Safari icon that was referenced? #13
  • I like this version with the red line. It'd like to see more depth defined in the bells and the light source from the top. In the Yosemite icon blog post referenced in the brief you can see the part where they talk about the light source being from the top. #3
    • @jerry2 my mistake on flipping the light source, I did read through the blog on Yosemite's icon guidelines and also based my designs on the grid system they provided. I corrected the lighting on this clock, defined curvature on the bells a bit and thinned out the thickness of the chrome around the clock like you mentioned for #10. I also did a version trying out the color scheme from the Settings icon for #11.

  • hello CH, I uploaded design #5. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you
    • why eliminated?? About #5, @cp105bc

  • About #6, @MZPDesigns too flat, not enough depth. I'd also like to see the components connected. Check out the Settings icon chrome in this blog post:
  • I'm sorry, this does not follow any Mac icon design guidelines. Please reference to this article for direction: #4
  • I'd be really interested to see a version that used the colors in this icon: Using the silver for the chrome around the clock face, with the inside of the clock dark. So, note the "Lighting Effects and Materials" section in this post:
  • I think the red hand from your other entry would be a good addition as well. Maybe play with the red to ensure it doesn't look dirty at small sizes. You can see how the Safari icon works in Yosemite - it has red on blue and stands out a little better. #2
  • The light source is correct on this one. Just need more definition in the bells. Maybe play with reducing the thickness of the chrome around the clock. #2
  • I'd like to maintain an alarm clock silhouette similar to our existing icon. We're really looking for a recoloring to match Yosemite. This icon represents just the clock portion of the app. The alarm clock reference is important. Thank you for this first entry! #1