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Winning design #20 by ross, Icon Design for Roll Off Software Contest
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designed by ross

Project description

Roll off or dumpster company software. Need Icons for Customers, Contacts, Locations, Users, Drivers, Trucks, Payments, Credit Cards, Cash, Checks, Calendar, Land Fills, Land Fill Tickets, Work Orders, Maps,Waste Types, Accounting, Roll off Containers, Container Rates, Service Codes, History, Phone Texting Email Chat. Application has black and gray background. There will be more I will need add, edit, delete for all most all icons. I need as a image as a icon not a button image. I am putting these on button controls

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  • Hi, are you looking for an individual icon for each are you listed in the brief?
    • Yes

    • Like the Icons need to be more 3 dimensional. And more color. Look really good.

    • I submitted another design (#2). Let me know if this is closer to what you're looking for. is there a specific color you would like?

  • I submitted an entry (#1). Let me know if this is what you're looking for and/or if you have any changes you would like. Thank You
  • Hello CH, I was hoping you might be willing to show us a screenshot of what the application looks like where the icons would be shown. This should help us give you a better design in the end. Many thanks!
    • Have uploaded a couple of images of the software in development if that helps you.

  • Hi Rbagley, Please find my entry #3, #4 , #5 , #7 , #8 Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • I need as a image as a icon not a button image. I am putting these in on button controls.

  • Dear CH, please check my all icons designs gray & black background i hope you like my designs & idea appreciated feedback thanks
  • Hi again rbgaley, here is the #12 2nd partials....
  • Hi rbgaley, #11 partial of icons ^_^ i will submitt another later. hope you like it. thank you
  • Hi rbgaley. here is the latest entry i made. i'm working on last 2 icons "trucks & roll off containers" icons. hope you like it. thank you CH.
    • I need as a image as a icon not a button image. I am putting these in on button controls.

    • Hi Ch yes, i will make a image icon. thanks for the rating. hope one copy that i come up with. thanks

    • Like the last one are you going to do all the icons that away?

  • Hi CH, any comment, suggestion, changes, colors? Please feedback us, so that we know what to do, incase you like it or not. thank you CH.
    • Zerger Give me all the Icons in 19 and 15 like 19 and you win.

    • Thank you so much Ch, that you like my icons. here is the requested entry #20, i don't know witch set you like. ^_^

  • Hi CH, i complete all icons #21. and i added the "on timer". hope you like it. if some icon that you don't like. please indicate it. thank you CH.