Safety mascot

Thank you Design Contest! What a fantastic idea to have someone else come up with all those great ideas for whatever application you are looking at. It was fun and exciting to watch all these designs come in, I would definitely recommend this to everyone, easy to do and the cost was a bonus!

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Winning design #49 by Squewheet, Icon Design for Safety mascot Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Squewheet

Project description

Our project is to have have this fun little mascot on every peice of paper relating to safety, our mission......keep people safe!

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  • Here is a gray scale version of this character design and the design is a little larger view.
  • Here is the design I came up with. I took the company logo that I did for your t-shirt contest and made it like your picture but I added a drop shadow under the characters feet and also I tried to make it look like he was stepping forward. Thanks, Squewheet
  • @Contestholder Who is this for exactly? If it is for oil derek workers I have a great idea for it.
  • I went with something more simple, usually the simpler the better. What's your opinion on mine? #11
  • I changed the hand on this on to show him saying stop. Hope you like it. And if you would like anything else changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Can you also do one with his right hand coming out like a police officer stopping someone
  • thanks, looking very good, can you also make his left hand come out like a police officer stopping someone
  • Here is the revised version of the design. I made the stop sign look more like a stop sign. I added the white border around the text like you wanted. Hope you like and if you would like any more changes just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Yes this is for oil field workers that work on oil dereks, operate oil and gas wells and work in different oil and gas facilities.
  • Looking very good. Could you change the stop sign to be a sign that looks more realistic to a real stop sign, possibly with a white border?
  • I like the idea. This is for a oil worker, so could you change the hat to a oilfield hard hat. then add the logo to the hard hat, and also do 3 separate designs with the hard hat a different company color on each one. Could you also add the STOP language to your design.
  • Dear Client Submitted #41 I think its an improvement over the others. Tried to keep it too the original spec. I could improve on the hard hat but I wanted to keep it simple. from koalakev
  • yee
    Dear Peoc2011 have done the changes to #36 #37. thank you Sincerely, yee
  • Please add the company logo and a stop sign with Stop Think Observe Plan
  • Please make the hard hat a lighter magenta color
  • Please make the S T O P in red lettering
  • Please change the lettering to Stop Think Observe Plan
  • Can you change this to an 8 sided stop sign
  • Can you change the stop sign to an 8 sided sign.
  • hi pls feedback for #26.. is very useful and iconic thanks