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Winning design #11 by wbeehive, Infographic Design for Canada Health Infoway - April Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wbeehive

Project description


We are looking for two separate infographics to be created based on the information below.

The first will be a fold out infographic (see example attached) that is printed as a hard copy. This will be a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch booklet that folds out into 3 panels, totalling 6 squares each (front and back). Each square will have one of the below 6 points on it and will fold into a Parallel Gate Fold. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

The second version of this infographic will be an online only document used on our website. The image should be no larger than 800 – 1000px wide height is unlimited but please keep it as small as possible.  (see attached documents as examples)

Please feel free to get creative using charts, graphs, and other images (related to the content) for each panel.

Colours to use in RGB:

  • Red: R 192, G 57, B 43
  • Dark blue: R 44, G 63, B 80
  • Light Blue: R 41, G 128, B 185
  • Teal: R 22, G 160, B 133
  • Green: R 155, G 187, B 89
  • Yellow: R243, G 156, B 18

I have attached the inforgraphic content in a Word document and also attached 2 examples of a printed infographic as well as one that could be used online only for your reference.

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  • About #8, @alira Very nice work. Thank you for your submission!
    • @pkhanna You´re welcome¡ Thanx.

  • About #11, @wbeehive Great design and great use of images. Thank you!
    • About #11, @pkhanna Thank you for the appreciation.

  • Hello designers, thank you for your hard work and great submissions. Everything looks very nice! My team is working looking at all submissions and will choose a winner by the end of the week.

    Thank you again!
  • Hello,
    Please view design #12 and #13 as the web version and design #14 the print version. I have tried to incorporate the icons as per my understanding of the content. Hope you like it. Waiting for your feedback.
  • This is a second proposal, any comment is welcome! Kind regards! #8
  • Send you this proposal for the infographic design (booklet and web version) , we would appreciate your feedback! #6
  • About #3, @_Bent_ Thank you for your submission!
    • About #3, @pkhanna do you have any sugestion or revision about my design?
      i need your feedback for the best result.
      Thank you.

    • About #3, @_Bent_ perhaps you could incorporate some healthcare images to help visually explain the words. I know space is limited due to the amount of words. Overall looks great. Very clean and crisp!

  • About #5, @butterz Thank you for your entry! Looks very nice.
  • About #2, @Egolay Thank you for your design. We will be making decisions with our team once the contest closes. In the brief we mentioned we would like one for online (this looks suitable) and one to print as a fold out book. It will be a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch booklet that folds out into 3 panels, totalling 6 squares each (front and back). Each square will have one of the below 6 points on it and will fold into a Parallel Gate Fold. How would this fold into a booklet?
    • @pkhanna These are the squares, and they are each 3.5 by 3.5 inches. You could print out the squares in whatever order that is needed. I can make a 3D image to visualize it if you want.

  • About #4, @kristinemaesantos123 Thank you for your submission! Great use of images. We will be making decisions once the contest ends.
  • Please check my latest design, i did my best . i hope you like it! :)
    i am always open for changes, i did not use images for some part since the space is not enough .
    Thank you #4
  • Please let me know what you think! I worked really hard on this! #2
  • Hello,
    I want to know your preferences about using the given code for the fold out infographic or can we use any one or two colour depending on the design.
    • @wbeehive We would like to use most of these colours on the infographic, however, you are the expert and knows what looks best. If you would like to limit the colours because that is what makes your design more visually appealing, we encourage you to do that. Thank you! Look forward to seeing your design!

  • Hello contest holder, this is for the 2nd version and still working on it, i just want to know what you think about it for me to keep working. rating will be helpful, i hope you like it. Enjoy! #1
    • About #1, @kristinemaesantos123 Thanks for your work on this design. I like the layout of it. Are you able to incorporate any images to support the text? We are looking for something that can also visually tell the story supported by the text. This design would work well for our online graphic, but we would also like an fold out infographic to print. I hope this feedback is helpful! Look forward to seeing more designs!

  • Hi! Interested in participating in this, but I would like your logo that I can place into the design. If you could just upload that, that'd be great. Thanks!
    • @Egolay Thanks for your comment. I have uploaded our logo for you to use.