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designed by Meow

Project description


We are looking for a fold out infographic (see example attached) that is printed as a hard copy. This will be a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch booklet that folds out into 3 panels, totalling 6 squares each (front and back). Each square will have one of the below 6 points on it and will fold into a Parallel Gate Fold. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

Suggested colors for fold out in RGB:

Burgundy: R 125, G 39, B 64

Grey: R 94, G 97, B 103

Dark blue: R 44, G 63, B 80

Light Blue: R 41, G 128, B 185

Teal: R 22, G 160, B 133

Green: R 155, G 187, B 89

In boxes 2, 3, 4, 5 please include a search box image (ex. )with the highlighted  text identified in the copy below.

Content and suggestions for graphic type is in the attached. Please feel free to get creative using other images (related to the content) for each panel.

Panel One (FRONT):

Did you know? (include graphic and Infoway logo)

Panel Two:

The Pan-Canadian Clinician Peer Network brings together hundreds of nurse, physician and pharmacist leaders, along with clinic managers, to mentor thousands of their colleagues about digital health

Panel Three:

Next Generation of Clinicians

Informatics Competencies for clinicians have been developed  through the  Next Generation :  Clinicians in Training initiative 

The Faculty Peer Leader Network provides faculty support and mentorship for the integration of informatics, e-resources and digital health core competencies into the curricula

(Add Logos as in attached)

Panel Four: Knowing is Better for Clinicians digital health education campaign reaches thousands of clinicians and  health care leaders annually

(Insert logo in attached)

Panel Five:

Nationwide LEADing Practices recognize outstanding clinical leadership in the advanced use  of  digital health

Panel Six:

Clinical Champions are part of a growing grassroots community of frontline clinicians, administrators, managers, educators and students

(insert image of a a star with the words “ Digital Health Champion” )

Get Involved!

Panel Seven:

Clinical Reference Groups  -made up of physician, nursing and pharmacist leaders from across Canada help inform Infoway's digital health plans to improve healthcare for Canadians, advance clinical practice through use of enabling technology and promote effective use of digital health solutions by clinicians.

(use images that depict nurses, physicians, pharmacists)

Panel Eight (BACK):

Want to know more?
(insert image)

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  • Hope you like my design. #5
  • Hi. Please confirm that layout/format is what you have requested. If not please clarify. Brochure is square (3.5" x 3.5") gatefold with 8 (not six) panels. Cheers SpaceMONK3Y. #2
  • Also ... please make contest blind.
  • Here's apreview of the cover. SpaceMONK3Y. (Feedback Please!) #1
  • Confusing because you said 6 squares instead of 8. I have to do two more squares! Anyway a preview teaser is going up for the cover, let me know what you think. SpaceMONK3Y.