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Design a new label (including logo) for a sparkling water brand - BLU.

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  • Label Design, will put content if needed #57
  • Another design, hope you like it, #56
  • Looking Professional, isn't it? #53
  • Don't need multiple colors to differentiate between Arabic and Eng logo, its quite clear with Ultimate single color ;) Even better than the logos you shared as an inspiration!! #52
  • pretty logo, neat and clean, reflecting pureness ;)
  • I hope you enjoy my design of your product, "Blu"! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you wish to have any adjustments made. It would be a pleasure to work with you!
    -GY #48
  • Another Form of Logo, designed to be used on bottles especially, Hope you like it, You can ask me for any changes at all! #46
  • Creative single colored logo, don't need more colors to differentiate between ARABIC and ENG typing, it's clear with single color giving the benefit to be used on any background color, You can turn this blue to any color you want ;)
    Thank! #45
  • BLu #43
  • BLu #42
  • Hello,
    please check my logo design, feel free to let me know if you need any changes. Thanks before #41
  • Hello. This is an idea of your logo. Any feedback is more than welcome. Thank You. #35
  • it's really a great idea for you product, i'm sure i can succeed and this is my suggest logo so if you like it send me feedback so i can improve it :D #33
  • Please send me feedback so i can improve it #30
  • hope you like it #29
  • I am ready to your feedback #21
  • Hi there, from what I understand there is a decided label placement on the bottle. If so, could I please have the dimensions of the label so I can place the design on it? Or, if I can change the placement and size of the label on the bottle, I would need the bottle dimensions.
  • Because we all love water! #12
  • 4th #8
  • Third #7