Smart Laundry Home

Our greatest need for this logo project was to see a wide range of ideas, therefore we chose to do a blind contest wherein the designers could not see each other's entries. We were delighted and honored to receive so many creative entries that we would never have conjured up ourselves. Our winning designer, lizonil, blew us away with a clean, modern and fun logo which contains subtle hints to the novelty of our patent. In the end, we are confident that by seeing so many ideas, we've left no option unexplored and are confident in our new brand identity. The site itself performed well, guiding us through the unfamiliar process. I would recommend to future customers that you research designers on the site whom you admire and invite them to your contest. We got lucky that our designer, lizonil, found us!

$615 paid

144 custom designs

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Winning design #77 by lizonil, Logo and Business Card Design for Smart Laundry Home Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Our company intends to sell our newly issued U.S. patent (9,109,375) to one of the largest U.S. home builders.

We are looking for creative, professional looking ideas which are inspired from any of the following information:

Our patent rearranges the floor plan of the typical American home.  First, we place the laundry room centrally among the home's bedrooms. We then utilize a set of double sided closets, each of which opens to each bedroom on one side (as bedroom closets normally do) and to the laundry room on the other side, thus providing quick and easy access to collect dirty laundry from or to store clean, folded or hanging, clothes within.

Blue should probably be the dominant color but feel free to experiment with other colors.

The logo could be spread out horizontally like:

Smart Laundry Home

Or vertically like:


Or some other way that suits your creative idea.

The design could possibly employ a common Home motif or your own interpretation of our double sided closets subtly incorporated. This latter idea might be a bit too busy, but if you can balance the complexity with serious, modern and minimal goals then go for it. Otherwise, simple is acceptable.

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