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I'm looking for a "rad/modern" logo for my Tile Contracting business. It will be used on B cards, postcards, t-shirts letterhead and vehicle graphics. My target market is high end builders and Interior Designers who have style and modern tastes. Ideally this logo will help 'weed' out window shoppers and attract clientele that are able to spend top dollar on my profesional trademanship. I'm not interested in an "earthy" feel nor am I particilarly attached to the physics aspect of Gravity. I like minimal and clean.

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  • So sorry, I forgot to update the color pallet - this design is only 2 colors, in varied degrees of opacity, for cost efficiency with printing. Thanks!
  • extended for you to submit your revisions
  • extended for you to submit your revisions
  • With the requested revisions this will be a top contender.
  • I still plan on submitting revisions, however, I will be unable to do so before the contest closes in 2 hours. I will double check with admins, but in the past, revisions have been allowed after a contest technically closes. I apologize for not getting to them sooner, but I've had to take care of some personal things. Thanks for your understanding.
  • With the requested revisions this will be a top contender.
  • Yes, I can rearrange all of the elements fairly easily, now that they are created.
  • how much can we play with the placement of the graphic? is it fairly easy to shift?
  • that was easier to find than I thought, haha. Here's a link to the font: although, now the R in the logo entry is modified by hand to look less like a V...
  • thanks! I'll have to look into where the font came from... I've had it for quite some time. I'll get back to you.
  • nice and fast. looks like your working tonight. were is this font from?
  • looks good. What can be done to make the 'r' look less like a 'v'?
  • This design is too much like another design entered before this design
  • can you show me this in grey tones?
  • nice. thank you
  • also, please make the sub text smaller and perhaps right justified
  • would work well for a pharmacy. Sorry, wrong direction.
  • looking for something less bulky, thanks
  • I would like to see this one with the changes list below. please change the graphic so that it looks like the tiles are on a floor. I suppose this could be done by shifting the bottom of it towards us and showing the tiles being added away from us. Does that make sense?
  • comments in a few hours