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Clean, simple and professional. Nothing complicated. The logo must include the words "James Allen, CPA" and may include the words "certified public accountant". Make sure to keep the word "accountant" singular, as I am only one accountant. Some websites to look at for ideas: www.deloitte.com www.pwc.com www.ey.com and www.protiviti.com .

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  • another idea...added a graphic element,a raised flag(reading as "J" and "A") meaning optimism, motivation.. and in the same time reminds you to keep yourself on top:) thanks for feedback! robert
  • #838 - I eliminated this one because it looked more suitable for a construction company and a CPA practice, due to the blocks on the graphic. Also, the overall feel of the entry did not seem as professional as your #841. I am sorry if that seems vague, but it really is a "just didn't feel right" kind of thing. Thank you for the entry and I look forward to seeing #841 with modifications.
  • #854 - This is definitely simple and clean, as requested. Can you modify and use my light blue selection on "james", the my dark blue selection on "allen", and black on ", CPA"? You definitely took it in a different direction. Thank you, very nice.
  • #848 - sorry, I now see your comment on the symbol. Similar to my comments on #828, I don't care much for the font used. Also, I do not like the symbol. I definitely like #833 better.
  • #848 - Is there significance behind the symbol you used in this entry? After you explained the symbol in #833 it made a massive difference in how I viewed the entry. I'll hold off on comments until I hear back from you. Thank you very much.
  • I'd like to say that you guys are making the selection process very difficult for me. You are all very talented!
  • #838 and #841 - Of the two, I definitely like #841 better. This is really looking good. Can you pull the lower right corner of the box out so that it shows the entire "A"? I think the "JA" box looks good with the slight tilt you have given it. The "James Allen, CPA" looks good, I'd leave it as it is. Can we try the darker shade of blue on "certified public accountant" please? Very, very nice job.
  • clean and simple:) feedback is appreciated! regards, robert
  • James, Of course, I absolutly agree with you. I may missunderstood a little bit the actions taken. So, contest is still open and ... even I have the chance to post 2 more entries .. Thanks for claryfing. I'll stay tuned. Best regards, -- jjyepez
  • I am very sorry jjyepez. I am not ending the contest, but I think your entry does not need any more modification. I would still like to see other ideas. If I do end the contest early, I will give the other designers at least 3 to 4 days to post the projects they are working on, to be fair. I thought that by selecting "OK", I was just saying your concept did not need anymore work.
  • James, I really appreciate your words and choice. -- As far as I know the contest administrator must be contacted to let him know you have chosen a winner, then he gives instructions and permissions to PMs and sending product files in vetor format as Brandy gently refers. -- Thank you very much. I'll send the final product files to you in the next hours. -- Success and Good vibes on your practice! -- jjyepez
  • Hi James, yes, you will receive multiple file formats - typically you would get the native vector files in both color and black/white, high resolution jpegs in both, eps files, PDF's, and anything else you might need. An eps will work for the giveaways that you're interested in having made.
  • General question for designers. What can I expect as a final product? Will I receive multiple files? As I mentioned, I want to use this on business cards, stationary, my website (when complete) and possibly on giveaways (e.g., note pads, pens and coffee mugs). Thanks!
  • #833 - Very nice! I can see this logo representing my practice. Thank you.
  • Um, I think I have to get permission for you to post the next one. Let me know if that is the case. Thanks
  • #832 - OK, I think this concept is pretty close to complete. I like the dark blue and I like how the color fades towards the peak. Try enlarging "certified public accountant" to about the size of #823, and also lets try this in black. Leave the color on "James Allen, CPA" as you have it. Very nice work! Thank you
  • Hello James, thanks for the feedback. In this entry I was also thinking about the possibility to use kind of "golden ink" to print the main graphic on your business cards. But ... maybe that's too much ;) not sure. Regards, jjyepez
  • #828 Ah, now I see. Very thoughtful. My wife likes it, so can you try the same logo with different font on the "James Allen, CPA" and maybe try adding in the dark blue?
  • Hello James, Please excuse me, I didn't write a description for my entry, so .. I do now. The concept here is: J and A, in an abstract way, ... also a roadway straight beyond (success) the sight as seen throug a window, even a mountain climbing road to the almost-top (growth & success). Perhaps it looks like a pyramid at first glance, it actually is (in a simple and a little abstract way), a "J" and an "A" one after the other. Thanks for your comments. Best regards, -- jjyepez
  • #828 - This is very nice as well. I absolutely love the white background on both entries, so please keep that element. The single color does look a bit bland (however, I see how you could end up there given my guidelines). Also, I like the font used in #823 a bit better, but that doesn't mean it is the best font. I'm not sure what the significance of the pyramid is, so I would probably remove that. A graphic is OK if it has a known meaning, like "JA".