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  • Hi gbennett, dont forget to mark this entry as "Would like a revision" in order to work on your feedback about the "Super" coloring. Have a good day.
  • seems a little rough
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas.
  • Please mark #8230 as needs work, so i can repost the actual design. thanks gbennett!!
  • if you want changes pls put "i would like revision"
  • Hi gbnnett, glad about your feedback, sure I can do as many revisions you may need, but you must to mark the entries as "Needs Work" because designers just have 3 entries, and I'm out of entries, so I cannot post any revisions, if you do that every "Needs Work" that you mark, designers will have another try out. Hope this help. Greetings.
  • Can you alter colors for each word. Like make Super lighter or something?
  • Interesting, but not quite it.
  • Hard to read
  • this was an accidental post. please delete so i can post it again without the massive blackness and on the official entry form! thanks!
  • looks nice but not the right direction
  • getting there. think more superman and not so dark
  • Pretty good, but not the right colors
  • Nice, but think superman
  • think superman
  • think superman
  • think superman
  • This is getting there. I like triangle superman concept of one of the other entries.
  • anything i can do? or you just don't like the idea?
  • This is kind of the right idea, but I need it in blue. And maybe with a bit more pizazz