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Winning design #122 by joekong, Logo Design for Alpaca Farm Needs Colorful Logo Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

Our farm name is Palm Tree Alpaca Ranch. Colors: We’d like at least two colors, and more is fine. We like the colors: purple, lime green, yellow and aqua (but would consider others recommended by the designers.) Shading is nice, like in the Autumn Acres Alpacas example. We like bright colors. We like the Serenity Farm Alpacas and Moon Dancer Alpacas logos because of the two colors in the ranch names. Examples: We would like our logo to be whimsical and could be somewhat abstract. We would like to include palm tree(s) and possible a sun and a swirly shape. (maybe a swirly sun…) Please include one or more alpaca shapes in the logo. For examples and shapes to use, please refer to this page where we have posted photos: Two fonts that we absolutely love are at under the COMIC category on page 2: Crazy Harold and page 10: Swing Set FYI: Fonts are very important to us.

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  • Curly palm tree leaves are interesting and creative
  • The larger animal in this picture looks like a llama, so I would delete it. The letters are an interesting font, but very hard to read in dark blue against black
  • I've made the adjustments made in the review hope you like it Thank you
  • about # 40 with some colors and 2 fonts on your suggestions. hope you like it. thanks
  • This is the same design as #26 and #27 .. #26 appeared blurred a bit (jpeg format) so I tried to upload a png format but forgot to put a white background.. so it appears black in #27 (png).. please consider this design (#28) only out of the three.. you can eliminate the other two.. ( #26 and #27).. Thanks.
  • plz eliminate this one.. uploaded this background-less png format.. so it is showing black..
  • Please let me know if you have any comments, thanks!
  • I'd like to see a version with fewer colors, or different colors?
  • I like the swirl, can you turn the swirl into the sun by deleting the sun, putting a circle in the center of the swirl and turning it all yellow? Then the blue could be more intense and used somewhere else in the logo? Reshape and move the alpaca?
  • The alpaca shape needs work, can you make it closer to true
  • The purple color is not attractive, and the alpaca is not a good shape
  • This alpaca does not have an attractive shape, and the overall graphic is missing a unity/atrractiveness
  • I don't think this idea of an alpaca as a trunk is working
  • Thank you for the chance to work with you! Please let me know of any modifications you would like to see.
  • Please don't hate it because of the bad palm tree leaves, I know I'm not as good with trees like afrik
  • Hope you like it, please tell me if I'm in the right direction. Thank you
  • photos not allowed in logo contests please read through our knowledgebase guidelines
  • Hi there, Please take a look on my logo. Thanks.
  • New logo.