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Winning design #57 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Arizona Real Estate School of Success Contest
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designed by antoneofull

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Logo design for School Promotions, business cards, stationary, etc.

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  • The logos can not be looked at in a moments glance and be recognized as a Real Estate School that has classroom studying with textbooks as regulared by law as per the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Thanks
    • I made an alteration adding a roof (can be looked at as real estate, OR a place to come learn) and the and a modern brush that actually helps flow the piece together. The larger house piece on it also helps to strengthen that it is the school and that it is real estate as the emphasis and not the word Arizona. So the logo can not have textbooks in it then?

    • With Number #5 is there any where you would like it to go from where it is now?

  • I've searched many AZ Real Estate School logos last night that have recently changed, so seem to have very modern brush stroke designs and full name of school, modern, simple and vibrant colors. Hope this helps
    • Sure! So would you want a more simple and modern approach then to this? Because I had another idea in mind that was very typography based. UPDATE: Entries #3 and #4 Take the idea of a bold color, easily recognizable typography and symbol, and also use a scheme that is familiar to people, stands out, and in the grand scheme is very modern and clean. The length of the blue bars also is done intentionally to make it the length of how a Z plays out, so you have hidden typography within the bars as well. Something that isn't very noticeable and because of the subtle nature pops out later.

    • last one is better, text books or outline of school house or just a modern brush strokes off to the left or sunset horizon, etc. can you google Arizona school of real estate or The beshk group to see their logos for ideas.

    • I do not want to highlight the state of Arizona. I would like to highlight this as a classroom style School that just happens to be in Arizona. Hope that helps. Also, the acronym of ARESOS could be used in large format and the name of the School spelled out entirely. Like the lastest logo #5 best so far. Getting closer :-)

  • Like this however, maybe we should add a golden yellow for the sun with sunrays that change from golden yellow to red at the tips. My choice of the real dark red is not "it". help me with another color, maybe just the red or an redish orange for the word "Arizona".
    • hello, I just put in #38, then it occurs to me the sun could have red stripes coming out as in AZ flag but the site tells me I have no more sends. Not sure if the client can request more variations, probably can.

  • Really like the Arizona Real Estate being in a large font. I do not want to accentuate just Arizona. This is a School, that is what needs to be showing more so. How would the school name look it was type set in a pyramid form like the top graphic and as for that the top is too much. Maybe cut it down to just two roof with the squares. What do you think?
    • ok,,,,, you will get it !!!! thanks for feedback................:)

    • Thanks for the change, however the font and color fade is to harsh.

  • Think I need to change my mind about the dark red color, and this emphasis the school well, but need to be more modern
  • i really like this design. How would it look with School of Success in red with the blue lines on each side.
  • Flag do not indicate by looking at logo that this is a Real Estate School
  • Like the Red blue and white with "school" being the main focus. Therefore by looking at the logo anyone knows its a Real Estate School
  • Hi, I took another approach to the logo yet again, this time #32, has window panes and a top like a house with edges that are shaped like open pages of a book, or when you look at it in another perspective, can be seen as a room in a house, the sides of a house, or even the window panes.
  • I still like this best, however the "school of success" words need to be as bold black as the windows and the black design leafs along side of the house.
    • Hi CH, I uploaded the update design from the feedback from you ( #30 and #31 ) please let me know of what you think.. thanks again for liking my design and giving me a good feedback on it.. Kind regards, Kevin Q.

  • I am not certain about 3 house tops and the first name of my school only being in red. Still thinking
  • I like your first one best This one with the circle over the house. I see a face with squared glasses, one eye and a nose.
  • After changing the "school" letters to red I believe I like the 1st one you did best.
  • This is very creative, however the blue abstract isn't as professional a design I need to a real estate school. Thanks anyway
  • I like this
  • Don't care for the key running N and S (up and down) however the other one running E & W is better. Maybe raise the "key" up higher into the dark blue and spell out the entire name of the school with each word in the same font and all in white letters running across the dark red portion under the key.
    • Hi CH, thank you for feedback. I will fix it and send it to you :)

    • HI CH, I uploaded the update #56. It looks a lot better :) hope you like it :)

  • Don't care for square around entire logo, like #25 better with "school of success" much bolder.
    • hi ch i uploaded the update on it ( #45 and #46 ) hope you like it.. thanks.. Kind regards, Kevin Q.

  • Thank you for making the school of success more bold, however, make it a little more bold, so it stands out even more. It's the School I am accentuating. Thanks for all your work
    • hi ch, thanks again for feedback and ratings.. I updated my designs ( #41 , #42 , #43 and #44 ) I made some variation to choose from.. I hope you like it and if there will be changes please let me know.. thanks again.. Kind regards, Kevin Q.

  • I like #38 better, please see additional feedback on that one
    • Glad you like it but according to the rules of the site I am now stuck. Could combine the 2 ideas. Use the #38 sun, curve the applicable name of whatever state over the sun, make a house/school shape under the roof for the rest of the info.

  • Kevin, I like your other entries better. I only need one house