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Design Contest is awesome! I enjoyed the flexibility it provides its clients by choosing designers from all over the world, thus, opening up diversity and designers with all sorts of cultural backgrounds. I also like the intuitive navigation within the website. Two thing that I would suggest improving is letting the customer know that the second and third place winners are chosen based on the highest ratings. I did not know this till the end and the person who I though deserved a third place did not get anything because I had forgotten to give him/her the appropriate rating. The second suggesting, is remove the default display setting by rating---instead, allow the customer choose what should be the default display setting: by rating or by date. For some reason even after changing it to “date” every time I went to check on the contest it always arranged it by rating. All else worked great! Thank you for your business. Keep up the good work!

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Greetings, I am requiring a logo for a start-up firm in the custom electronics industry. The firm shall provide its clients with design solutions to automate their homes by integrating sophisticated and high tech equipment that are easy to use. Such equipment will enhance the client's lifestyles by providing comfort, elegance, security and convenience while making their home environmentally friendly (green home). Automation Essentials (AE) will design, integrate and automate home theaters, lighting and shading, whole-house audio and video, security and central vacuum systems. I am looking for a logo that can potentially include the initials of Automation Essentials and perhaps arranged in such fashion that the letters can form the shape of a typical house with triangular shaped roof. Inside the house possibly having successive arches representing radio waves communicating with a "device" in the home...for example, a light bulb, etc. These are simply my ideas, however, I welcome any other design ideas. The logo should have no more than three colors that range from neutral to masculine, and should be legible in prints as small as a business card. It shall also be distinguishable if printed all in black ink. Thank you for all your efforts and good luck!

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  • hello llenasr.. #20 , #21 , #22 . waiting for your feedback.
    • Thanks for your entries. I am not quite convinced that these are what I am looking for and I am not sure how you can improve the designs. Thanks again for trying and good luck!

  • Hello CH! This are my first entrys #18 #19 hope you like them any feedback Thanks
    • Hi inorga, thanks for your entries. The designs remind me too much of the UPS theme. Unfortunately, it also does not convey what the company does for its clients. Thanks again!

  • I like your style, the elements of the design (very simplistic and clean). I kind of get the smoke coming out of the chimney in the form of radio signals, but I would like to see more options with the signal remaining inside the house. Also, I have decided to eliminate the “Inc.“ to keep the logotype cleaner. So, the letters in the orange will simply be AE instead of AEI. From looking at your portfolio it looks like you have a lot of talent---therefore, I look forward to receiving more ideas from you. Thank you.
  • While I like the logo, it still seems that it needs additional work to make it look cleaner and finished. You have the right concept and the colors look good. Perhaps try keeping the same elements, but remove the gradient shade on the roof and add the gradient on the radio wave, where the gradient goes from darker orange at the source of the signal to a lighter orange at the end of the signal. Also can you provide an option without the outline on the house? Again, just trying to simplify it. Thank you.
  • I like the logo. I would like to see a cleaner, minimalist or modern font.
  • I like the cleanliness of your design, especially the fonts; bold and light. However, the logo is a bit abstract and does not convey the clients what the company can do for them. Thanks for your submission...I welcome more ideas from you.
  • I understand your thinking here. However, I believe clients will initially think of mechanical systems in the home such as the HVAC and smoke coming out of the chimney. Good font. How about radio wave signals inside the home? And instead of gears maybe a light, thermometer, an electrical plug. If something comes out of the chimney...maybe a green leave representing a "green" or "eco" home. Just a thought. Thanks for your input!
  • Nice concept. Thanks!
  • Seekhar: You are on the right path. The letter E on the roof is a bit hard to see; perhaps it needs a lighter background color to create a stronger contrast. Could you please also remove the INC at the bottom to see what it would look like? I am liking the rest the way it is. Thank you again!
  • #5 by eximius: Nice job on the simplistic approach and neutral colors.
  • #12 by Seekhar: Much better! Thanks!
  • #6 by Seekhar: I like how you have transformed my brief into a logo. Please feel free to play with more colors. You have included the initials AE into the roof of the house--this is good. I would change how the blue in the letter E extends past the edge of the roof. I would also prefer to see a more pleasing font, such as the one in #3 by FEMAE. It looks cleaner and more elegant. The company intends to serve clients with modern luxurious homes which tend to be clean and simplistic but at the same time high tech. Thanks for your efforts!
  • Hello Sir, Any suggestions for #41?? I am anticipating your feedback sir. Thank You.
  • Clever! Reminds me a bit of the logo of TIO (Turn it On), a company that manufactures home automation products.
  • Nice!
  • I have not had much time to comment today, but I am liking what I've seen today! Please keep them coming!
  • I like the originality. Could you please give the same importance to the typography? For example the word Automation should have the same font characteristics as the word Essentials. I would like to see the words justified or flushed with each other, so Essentials will have a bit more kerning. Please keep the same colors, but try using the same or similar round fonts as #45. Lastly, please remove the "Inc". Thank you for your entry...nice job!
    • Dear CH Thank you for feedback, did you have something like this on mind #67 #68 ? Kind Regards

  • Hello CH, #66 is my entry for this contest. As you can see it is shape like a house with a initial AE. Hope u like it. Thanks
  • #61: more refined shape of the letter E. ..
  • Please, for your opinion and evaluation. Thank you