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designed by Eriyanto

Project description

The top 3 things we would like to communicate through our logo:
1. Precision – this solution assures that companies carry exactly and only what they need to make the most sales possible
2. Ease of use – people who understand the goals of managing inventory, but may not understand the intricacies can use this
3. Assurance – this solution takes the guesswork out how much to stock and when to buy more, owners can rest easy

We prefer an image + text logo style:
• The image should be descriptive of our benefit and/or solution
• Modern
• We should be able to use the image portion of the logo as a branding element: standalone image, app icon, etc. (i.e., the target logo from Target (, the price tag from BestBuy, Skype's clouds, etc.)
• We should be able to reproduce a version of the logo in single color. i.e. black print on cardboard.
• We should get a version for white/light background and an inverted version for dark background

Other info or links to share:
• The overall theme for the website is going to be very fresh, modern, and light. Think white, blues, green, maybe orange or another accent color.
• The website is a cloud demand forecasting and replenishment solution (general category is supply chain management) with big company features at tiny company value.
• Yet, a solution that can grow with the company as it grows.

Our current images, content and taglines may give you some insight into our
• You may never stockout again
• Virtually eliminate stockouts starting today
• No stockouts icon (we'll continue to use this, but it won't be part of the logo)

COLORS: We'll be using this website template at least in the short term, though we may change the colors and are open to color options...

The typical buyer of this product:
• is between 18 and 55 years old
• is an owner or top executive of a small to medium business. (annual volume $500k to $20 million)
• is focused on making sales, generating cash flow and capturing profit.
• may see inventory as a necessary evil and not understand how to manage it
• recognizes that their accounting / ERP solution doesn’t do the job, but they don’t know how to get the job done
• is the owner of a smartphone like iPhone or Android phone.

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