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Winning design #192 by sancita, Logo Design for Blue Tattoo Contest
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designed by sancita

Project description

PLEASE READ IN FULL DETAIL. THE WINNER MUST HAVE ALL THREE POINTS. We are looking to brand our tattoo shop. With that said we are looking for a three part branding campaign. We want a logo, a character, and a font for our name. 1.For our logo we are looking for a symbol or pictorial mark like the apple for mac. Something that is either oval or circular or easily fit into those shapes. A COOL LOOKING TATTOO MACHINE WOULD BE IDEAL. 2.Our cartoon character/MASCOT seemed something along the lines of a tattooed surf would be cool. Play around with that idea and don't break any copyright laws. 3.Our font needs to be easily legible but UNIQUE. Something that when people see this lettering they will think of our shop. All three are going to be used for branding and mass marketing. We are looking for a trifecta. Must have all three to be considered. thanks for participating. Good Luck.

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  • okay, I will try a lot of ideas out! thanks for the feedback, a revision will come soon! cheers
  • You could also do like a hot tattoo chick as the character.
  • I like how bright #13 is and the detail of the machine. your character is cool but he doesn't look like a cool tattoo character. Big improvement from the last one. add more expression to the face and detail in the tattoo machine, lets do a high color contrast and stay away from black
  • Of course, I wanted to give my idea forward to seek exactly what you are looking for. Great feedback and am currently working on some other ideas! Cheers
  • Cool lettering but I don't think you read what we are looking for.
  • you def have all three elements, just not feeling the gorilla,, wheres his tats at. Also we really want something circular. Not a bad try though
  • #14 Would love to know what you think and what you would like Cheers
  • This old comics like calvin and hobbs, surfs, dennis the mennis, simpsons, or charlie brown
  • Smurf...character style, or maybe a link to something you like could be helpful. More hints you gve us, more quality you get for what you look. greez...till tomorrow...cyanmatt
  • Smurf like character with tattoos
  • What for a character could be cool for you... draw these by hand, that's why a hint could be really helpful for saving your and my time...
  • Still don't like the character but this is definitely the right track. change the character and add some color contrast
  • Did something new, befor I've read your comment...will check the winner thing!
  • ok, we're getting somewhere. I like the seal done by Winner. but you have all three elements. If you can incorporate that style and change the character, not a fan of the squid. And somehow incorporate the tattoo machine more, I don't want it just floating around
  • This still looks generic font. Don't really like the symbol, and there is no cartoon character
  • This is still too dark, the sword does not represent the tattoo industry or the hop name, where is our cartoon character.
  • this looks too generic
  • This is different. At least you read the instructions. Only thing is where is the pictorial logo or circular design. We want something that we can break down and use just the character, the seal or just the name. This is the right direction
  • this is not an original font
  • Too hard to read, no color contrast