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Winning design #1 by joelfriedline, Logo Design for CG/LA Infrastructure Logo Redesign Contest
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designed by joelfriedline

Project description

CG/LA Infrastructure seeks a redesigned logo to be used in all digital and print mediums. Here is our new website that is currently under construction: We may shift its color palette. Current website: Here are some of our initial thoughts: - Clean, elegant, intuitive, bold - No pinks/purple/pastels - 4 color maximum - Balanced composition (it will be used on multiple formats) - No kitsch please! - Must be easy to resize and photocopy - Vector work preferred - Must be very readable - Any type should be formal type face - dynamism a big plus Company values/key words: Vision, action, global, connections, influence, innovation, forward movement, catalyst, positive impact, thought leaders. Thank you for helping our company modernize and move forward!

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  • There is #9 too...please see that too and give feedbacks...I can submit only one more design but if you want more,please rate them so that I can extend my upload limit..thanks
  • Please have a look at #8 and give feedback on it...please let me know if there is any modifications that can be done to suit your need...thank you...
  • It captures values like forward movement, action, progress which our companies tries to embody. Nice first stab at it... Could we see a version changing the blue to the orange from our current logo? Thank you...
    • I just put it up. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see changed. Its a very module and easy to work with logo at the moment.

  • I submitted #1. If there is something you would like to see different or something you like about it let me know.
  • Clean, professional, denotes forward motion and action. Looks great large or small. CG-LA type could be slightly bolder. It comes off as serious and with weight, expense and substantial worthy of a major corporation.
    • I'm glad you like it. Do you have any examples of fonts you would like to see? I'd be happy to upload another version with a variety of font choices as well and let you choose from there which one you like. Also, right now I have "infrastructure" in all lower case. Would you like that to stay the way it is?

    • I believe #33 better captures the BOLD look you're going for while still maintaining the forward motion.

    • Thanks they look great... We had a meeting with our CEO today and he expressed a likely for bold colors. Seeing a proof with some bold colors would be fantastic! Thanks!

    • I can make that happen. Are you looking to keep the orange, or should I play around with some alternatives?

    • Alternatives would be really great... Red matched with some other would be bold and full of leadership.

    • Do you like #2, #31, or #33 the most? I'll make color alternates for whichever logo style you're leaning towards.

    • 31 is probably the best candidate for adding 3 maybe 4 colors. Too many colors will make it lose seriousness and/or professionalism.

    • I submitted #57. I did a variety just to show that there are quite a bit of options for colors.

  • Swoosh could be more elegant and less heavy and wide. Swoosh comes too close to the "e" of INFRASTRUCTURE.

    • Hey Sajid, I just wanted to let you know that you have spelled infrastructure wrong on your logo designs. I thought maybe you would like to know so you could update them.

    • thank you joelfriedline for check i update it thank you once again

  • Nice concept, but feels too much like a race car or sporting company.
    • thanks for the feedback... #36 and #37 are variations of my design. please have feedback... thanks!

  • I submitted #31. I made the main text bolder and used the larger feeling to really drive the forward motion in the logo.
  • Nice colors and feels bold, but missing a bit of elegance and could be mistrusted as a phallic shape.
  • Nice colors and feels bold, but missing a bit of elegance and could be mistrusted as a phallic shape.
  • Nice use of color and it feels bold. Lacks a touch of dynamism.
  • We like how bold it is, but it is missing elegance.
  • Nice concept, but may work better without the first big G with arrow.
  • We like the movement, but it's not bold enough. The sudden upward movement makes it a very asymmetrical image. Movement should be better integrated with company name/letters.
  • Center piece is a bit confusing to the eye.
  • We are looking for a clean and modern design.
  • We are looking for a clean and modern design.
  • We are looking for a clean and modern design.
  • We are looking for a clean and modern design.
  • Nice rework, it feels more integrated. Logo is too tall. The bottom colors could be cut 50% in half and top colors feel 30% too tall. Can we see it against a white background?
    • here it is...#84 the logo has been shortened to your requirement thanks