Cherry Creek HOA Professionals

I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I receive the number of entries that was advertised and I found all the designers to be very responsive. Very happy experience!

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Winning design #64 by Jei Yuen, Logo Design for Cherry Creek HOA Professionals Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jei Yuen

Project description

Cherry Creek HOA Professionals is a home owners association management company.  We are an outsourced provider of accounting, advisory, and general property management - so similar to other outsourced services providers.  I'm buying the business from the founder, who is not a very marketing-oriented guy.  His logo now is basically a house with a cherry overlaid onto it.  I don't particularly like the cherry aspect (though if anyone has bright ideas that include a cherry in some form I'm open to being surprised).  I think I prefer more of the creek aspect on a logo if someone were to go with a more picture-like approach.  But I'm open to seeing various concepts either with the initials or with some sort of combination of letters/pictures.  What I want is to "uptier" the logo and make it something that I can be proud of when this is a multi-million dollar business instead of just the "mom and pop" that it is today.

I want people to see the logo and have it reflect a real, dependable, responsive, classy, trustworthy business with whom they would trust their money.

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  • In contrast with my earlier entry #64, here I made a 2 variations. First I made the color flat not gradient and made the font thinner as I used a bold one on #64. Also I made a horizontal version of the logo so you can also have a different perspective of it how it would look like if put this way. #90
    • About #90, @davidprieto If chosen a winner, you can still request for a few changes you'd like to be done though. :)

  • new idea #123
  • my second idea #120
  • my logo idea #119
  • option 02 #114
  • option 01 #113
  • Create using Two C's and the red circle represents cherry with that leaves above :)
    Thus making it Cherry Creek :) #107
  • please check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #83
  • Creek forms 2 letter C #72
  • Very good. It does capture both the cherry and the house with a creek - but I believe there are other sharper takes on it out there #41
    • About #41, @davidprieto thanks for the feedback ch, if there's anything that you want to change,just let me know please, thanks again..

  • What about more takes on this logo? You kinda got away from this approach on your other efforts. #14
  • Well done. Simply and elegant with a clean look. Really like the effort just have others rated higher #67
  • I like the way the houses almost look like mountains. However, the colors look faded and the font doesn't look that sharp #59
    • About #59, @davidprieto
      thanks for the comment
      I will correct

  • Thanks for the take, but it feels like too much emphasis on the cherry #21
  • Thanks for the effort and the different take. The logo feels more like a sports emblem of some sort. The jagged edges make it feel aggressive #40
  • I like the road/creek embedded in the fruit. But that fruit looks more like an apple than a cherry #38
  • I like the different take on the logo with the two CCs and the window. I don't like the dashed lines below the text. Thanks for the effort - not exactly what i'm looking for but thanks for being creative #49
  • This one is exactly what i have been going for - well done! #64
  • hello ch chek my designfedback me thank yoyu :) #65
  • @davidprieto Hi Sir, do you mean something like this? #64