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Winning design #43 by joekong, Logo Design for College Crossings Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

We are a large real estate company located in Central NJ that rents out houses and apartments to college students of Rutgers University. Rutgers is known for their scarlet red school color and we would love to have that incorporated into the logo. Our logo will be placed on a plaque that will be attached to every one of our properties.

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  • Hi CH, I uploaded new design #16 with out graduation cap. Hope you like it..
  • HI CH, I uploaded the design #12. Please feedback. Thanks
    • |--|

      cp105bc {*wrote*}:
      HI CH, I uploaded the design #12. Please feedback. Thanks
      |--| Love the building, not the biggest fan of the graduation cap.

    • HI CH, Thank you for feedback. Glad you like the building...

  • About my entry #1 I like to say that the emblem is based on the shape of the scarlet knight's shield (same of the character of the rutgers). The shield is a element that protects, just as a house protect the students.
  • Hi CH, please take a look to my new entry #24. Any feedback would be helpful KIND REGARDS [Jobz]
  • CH, I have submitted entries #17 and #18. Would appreciate feedback. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • Hi CH, please take a look to my entries #24 & #28 . The reason why I don't use the "C" with the keyhole down is to express the movement of open of the key when a person inserte the key, and too because the "C" can be readed easiest if it is keep on his natural position. As you can see in #28 I make some improvement to make the logo more easy to use on a wall plaque, as can be seen in the mockup. And in the #29 is the just logo to appreciate it better. Any feedback would be helpful. KIND REGARDS [Jobz]
  • hi CH, I update the design #25. Hope you like it. Best regards