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Winning design #5 by nicolets , Logo Design for DailyOption.net Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

DailyOption is an online binary options trading brokerage firm. Our approach is to be customer focused, pure and simple. We aim to meet the demands of our traders while ensuring a fair, transparent and accessible trading environment. Our vision is to provide excellent service to our global traders in terms of ongoing monitoring and customer support, but we also aim to deliver quality and timely market tools that help our traders win in the markets.

Binary Options are the new profitable type of trading. The main advantages of binary options trading are controlled risk, high profitability and simplicity. All you need to do is to make the prediction of a price: whether it goes up or down within a certain period of time. Binary options are investments made in a stock value, market value (index), currency (Forex) or in commodities. Regardless of the trader’s skill level, profits can potentially be made on short term or long term predictions. Moreover, beginners can benefit from an easy-to-use web-based platform, while experts can take advantage of the custom trading systems on CallandPut. The positive aspect for traders is that they have many options, being able to trade whenever and wherever it suits them!

I prefer a logo design that has "TIME" element. After all, time is what binary options trading all about. 

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  • dially option icon can use at any fotns , im use cristovan for this consecpt #85
  • Hi,
    Need a feedback Sir.
    Thank you. #70
  • iconic up options arrow , hope you like
    please review my design #69
  • UV
    @kennywan819 hi, #51 #52 #53 are some of the printing items that I've provided for your view. I also came up with #54 #55 with the letter 'D' and 'O' as your icon. It can be a stand-alone logo also for branding purpose. Thank you.
  • Good day. I still think that you should not give up the symbol of money as a clock or any other symbol of the time, your logo will be associated with the store sells a watch or clock and watchmaking. Your concerns about adaptation and printing the logo on T-shirts, booklets, business cards, etc.I try to dispel this presentation(I have for this case its own set of objects.). In addition, you can mark and split and then you may have to learn only in sign. Sorry for my bad english, If I do not understand something I explain - write, I try on another. #48
  • hi bigzed, thanks for your proposals. appreciate your hardwork. I just want you to know that I prefer a simple logo. and the logo must be easy to adapt into different medium, such as stationery, name card, t-shirts and etc... #14
    • @kennywan819 Thank you for a comment. I will answer in the next presentation.

  • hi nicolets, your first attempt is good enough. #42
    • @kennywan819 good evening CH.. Thank you very much for this great message CH..

  • i like this design. it will be great if you can give me few more options. #5
    • About #5, @kennywan819 good evening CH... Thank you very much for this great message CH.. I will submit new designs CH.. Thank You...

  • Maybe use binary counters? Feedback appears immediately with all the necessary ... #16
  • A simpler version, but the link with money left. Better? #14
  • UV
    @kennywan819 Thank you for inviting me to this contest. #13 is my first proposal. Your feedback is very much appreciated for me to understand more about what you like. Thank you.
  • Good day. I offer you my version of the logo.
    To focus on the positive direction, which further contributes to the green.
    What do you think? #6
    • @BigZed thanks for your submission. you design is ok. However, i prefer something simpler and you may try to work with a "Font-Type" logo with time elements in it. :)

    • @kennywan819 Thank you for the comment. But, apart from the time, I want to associate the logo with the money. Ok. I'll think about more simple logo.