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Winning design #86 by johnthondy, Logo Design for Diálima Contest
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designed by johnthondy

Project description

We are a consulting or advisory firm that brings solutions to companies (the name "diálima" is SOLUTION in Greek). We target medium and small firms (revenues of around US$10 million/year) who want to solve problems through specific projects, don´t have enough in-house resources, and cannot afford to pay traditional consulting firms which bring a big team and end up costing a lot. We bring solutions and add value to companies that have not even been targets of traditional consulting firms.

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  • Hello, #2 is my draft concept; I've used a stylized and dynamic compass icon to symbolize the sense of direction given by problem-solving, where the sample colors are inspired by Greece's flag. Logo layouts are also shown in text only and in contrast options. I'm ready for your feedback and requests for modifications or new proposals.
  • Thank you Gabriela. Could you please play a little bit more with the green? Maybe paint a couple more squares? In general ok!
    • I've entered #25 and #26 with the requested changes. Thanks!

  • Hello Fabio, I like the idea of the compass, however I would like to see a cleaner look, more formal. Even de compass itself is too classic.
    • Indeed, I was just exploring an idea; here's an adapted version with a further stylized compass icon: #20, and one with a more compact and formal solution: #21. Version #24 features a bigger accent element over the first "a" and an additional color combination.

  • I like it. Maybe you can play with a couple other colors. What is the concept of the logo?
    • there is "D" in the icon to represent company name and able to stand alone without name. the lower part of "D" is showing the 'check mark" to denote the problem solving approach.

  • Thanks Shalvin, Could you try with other colors?
    • hello sir, i am a new designer here and thats why i can upload only 3 drafts per contest..so due to this limitation i cant upload color variation to the entry but IMO it can be done once the contest is finished ...hope you will understand my limitations. regards.

  • Again. Like the letters but still don´t like the logo itself.
  • I like the letters and the font but not the logo itself. I would need something more modern or sophisticated (I find the D too classical). You could play with some color as well.
  • Hello. Looking for something more sophisticated.
  • Hello, I am looking for something more modern. thank you.
  • thanks Sean. It is too colorful, I would like something more sober, with more emphasis in the name rather than the logo.
  • Thank you. It is not as clean as I want it, and don`t get the logo. Thanks for participating.
  • thanks kristina. I think the circle is a little too crowded. It seems like a clock but with a lot of lines.
  • Interesting. I would like to see the orange line to the other side (as if it was an accent on the A. Also try with other color pallets to see how it looks.
  • Gabriela, gracias por los dos nuevos diseños. Creo que no me supe explicar tan bien. Me gustó más el primero que mandaste (número 10), lo único que aconsejé es que en los cuadraditos del "check" le pongas uno o dos más con verde. Es un detalle muy leve que le puede dar un poquito más de color y quizás realzar un poco el "check". Puedes probar un diseño sólo pintando un cuadradito extra y el otro diseño pintando dos. Es un cambio muy sutil. Espero haberme explicado mejor. gracias.
    • He presentado dos nuevas entradas por favor verificar #35 y #36. Estoy abierto a cualquier tipo de cambio en el diseño. Disculpe no habia entendido muy bien la corrección en mi entrada.

    • Gabriela, gracias. Me sigue gustando más la entrada 10. Te pido si por favor a este diseño le puedes agregar solo 1 cuadrado verde, el que está en la base del check. De esta manera sólo tendríamos dos cuadrados verdes, el resto quedaría tal cual el diseño 10. gracias.

    • he presentado mi entrada #42 con las ultimas correcciones.

  • Hi Ch, I have submitted my entry #34 and hope you will like also let me know your valuable feedback. thanks...
  • Did not like the new colors, if there is one combination you can try please see design number 10.
    • Submitting revised edition as told by you.If you like the combination,let me know.Thanks

  • I like this one as well. For both designs please use an accent in the letter a (as in diálima).
    • |--|

      jcgaldos1 {*wrote*}:
      I like this one as well. For both designs please use an accent in the letter a (as in diálima).
      |--| Thanks for your valuable feedback.Submitting revised designs. Regards

  • Hello Pranav. Thanks for the new designs but the original one is the best so far. Please try 3 things: - Change the direction of the orange in the logo (instead of a back slash make it appear as an accent - Instead of three horizontal lines on the logo use only two. Just like in the previous bullet, use the accent instead of the back slash - Third option is to invert the colors. Use gray for the letters and for the accent. I understand you cannot upload more so maybe you can edit this one and post the three new designs in only one picture? Let me know. thanks
  • Te puse el feedback en el número 10.
  • Hi jcgaldos1,Thanks for quick feedback.I am a new designer and I can upload only 3 entries per contest.So I am going to upload my last entry with multiple options. Regards Pranav