DUBAI's newest Entertainment & Talent Agency called 'FAME BOULEVARD' is looking for the best logo in the Entertainment industry

Simple decision to start this contest lead in having one of the best logos in the new Entertainment industry. Thank you DesignContest, JonG303 and all designers that entered our contest. Seran.


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Winning design #167 by JonG303, Logo Design for DUBAI's newest Entertainment & Talent Agency called 'FAME BOULEVARD' is looking for the best logo in the Entertainment industry Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JonG303

Project description

All Dubai will see this logo and they need to love it and remember it. We're looking for a unique WoW logo for our brand new Entertainment & Talent Management company based in Dubai and called "FAME BOULEVARD". The logo should have the words "FAME BOULEVARD" Our slogan is "Entertainment & Talent Management" The logo should match with our website and will be positioned on the left up corner where is written Fame Boulevard. Our website design is based on sky and clouds look with some blue color, the logo should match this look

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  • The combination of blue and black with this design is not good. Try to remove the black color and try something else.
  • Try to make FAME with border only without any color inside. Make the star more bright or more eye catching.
  • what is BLVD?
  • can you please make the star isolated! Maybe with a shadow effect
  • colors doesn't match
  • can you try to make the word fame without background
  • Revision made as requested,#44, hope you lik it. Thank's
  • #43 is my last submission, it's quite a bit different than the others. Hope you like it.
  • Deep concept with Burj, making F with movie reel integrating in the hotel.
  • Dear Vickyb! It is only one design, as I wrote in my comment, they are color variations. (First in 4 colors, the second shows the design appearing in 2 colours, the third one is when only one color available.) I was looking around meanwhile, and it is a well-known practice, to put different colour variations on the bottom. People won many medals like this... (Than what about these? and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and so on…) If I have to correct it, I will, but it's, well... hmmm. What should I do?
  • Dear CH, #34 is my entry with the logo colors and theme designed on accordance with your website background. The logo i have designed can be used on website, for print artworks, posters, banners as it gives the feeling of fame, success etc. Please provide your kind advice. Thanks,
  • One design allowed per entry.
  • CH, sorry, my bad. in correct color now #29. Ramunas
  • only the last design
  • the color is 0084FF
  • please use this color 0084FF instead of violet.
  • Dear CH, Just submitted my design, if you like it I can add a slogan, of course. You can find colour (4C, 2C, 1C) variations on the bottom. Feedback would be highly appreciated. THX.
  • my new version #27 with dark blue 0084 and different shadows.
  • FAME BOULEVARD spelled out, i used violet to purple color gradient, so that it'll pop-out on your bluish sky website
  • make it float. maybe with some shadow or glow. thank you