End-of-Life Planning Startup Needs Logo

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Winning design #270 by arahiko, Logo Design for End-of-Life Planning Startup Needs Logo Contest
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designed by arahiko

Project description

We are looking for someone to design a logo that is fresh, clean and modern, but that still appeals to an older crowd (so not overly bubbly Web 2.0). Again, it should reflect a brand that conveys trust and peace of mind for the user, and one that eliminates the gloomy/depressing association with prudent end-of-life planning as much as possible.

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  • Its against the rules to show a colored background unless its CH request or part of the logo. thank you
  • i'm sorry, my bad..
  • thank you very much :)
  • Thanks for the feedback and scoring. I'm going to keep working toward what you want.
  • Do not like the graphic or colors that much
  • Do not like the graphic or colors that much
  • Do not like the graphic or colors that much
  • Don't like the circles
  • LIke this one a lot - great colors, like the image.
  • Don't like the "wings" image, a bit to religious or supernatural for a tech startup. I like the color combo though.
  • The color/gradient/font are all fine, but the image is very off.
  • Don't like colors or image.
  • Don't like colors or image.
  • Don't like the flower or colors.
  • Best one so far - really like the colors. Need to think through the image, but like that it's something different and a unique way of conveying what AfterSteps is about. Really like it.
  • Regarding #3, I've read your comments about the other entries and I will fix my design.
  • Feels way to old. Font is old, colors lack the sleeker "gradient" feel. Also, don't want a "End of life plan" in the logo at all. Would like a non tagline logo first.
  • We are open, but I think blue/green/grays would be best fit.
  • Any specific Colors?
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design uses very subtle colors. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio