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Winning design #12 by rellefzero, Logo Design for Epic Panda Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rellefzero

Project description

I need a comic book style logo of a hooded, a jedi-robed Panda Bear holding something resembling lightsabers in each hand: one red, one blue.  Face should be neither overly evil or overly happy, just smirking.

"EPIC PANDA" in text.
Font preferably would be retro 80s.

Clarification - "lightsabers" - like seen in Star Wars.
"Hooded" - like wearing a robe that a Sith or Jedi would.

Comic book style will be appreciated.

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  • Hi Here's mt take in your contest. Please let me know of any improvements needed. Thanks! #66
  • Good day! Here's my take in your contest. Let me know of any improvements needed. Thanks! #65
  • Hi
    Here is my proposal
    Thanks for your comments and feedback
    Greetings #63
  • new design #58
  • Hi, MooseCash! It's my really Epic Panda, and I hope you like it :) #39
  • Hey, what do you need this logo for?
  • Hi, I make some changes on my illustration for you, hope you like it #29
  • Hey, here's my design.

    I made something original. This guy has angry look though absolutely cute feeling. Same as when child is angry,
    Love his eyes! I don't know which field you will work on, but it's absolutely clear that if you're going to go serious, you will need a logo that is professional and clear. Here I added one color version which will be handy to use in many cases.
    This panda will also look AWESOME on t-shirts or hoodies!!

    Thank you,
    Yakob. #27
  • Hello, here is my new design #26
  • Hello, here is my new design. #23
  • Hi MooseCash, Ive polished my first design. and tried very hard to capture the theme for your logo. I hope you get to like it as much as I do. ^_^ #20
  • sith panda #12
  • A little too Samurai-like, Gene Simmons -esque, and compressed for what I'm looking for. I can't tell he's a bear. But your cartoon techniques are solid! Thanks for your entry #5
    • About #5, @MooseCash Hi! Thank you for your comment. I will make revisions and submit it to you once done. Thank you^_^

  • 2spooky4me! :) Thanks for entering though, especially for your first contest! Good luck with other contests! #8
  • This is a little more children's book than comic book style, so not what I'm looking for. Thanks for making three looks! #6
  • Cute, but way too cute. Thanks! #7
  • Too evil and rat-like, not quite what I'm looking for. Thanks for making an entry! #9
  • I would be happy to hear your thoughts and work with any of the elements here. #8
  • I guess jedi-robed panda holding lightsabers wouldn't be very original for your logo. So, rather than holding lightsabers, I made him produce his own laser from his hands. I think that is more epic for your panda. Hope you like it and will consider this as an option. Please give me your opinion #4
    • @rzkymuhammad Well that's interesting, and brave to switch it up. The composition is nice. I do like it. The paws look like they are in boob-feeling pose though, or butt-cheek grabbing. I don't want him to appear horny. or hunched over. You're right, a panda with lightsabers doesn't feel original. But unfortunately Epic Panda is the name I'm working with, and we deal with geek culture (gaming/star wars/cosplay), so that was the reason for the jedi style weapons.

    • @MooseCash I do really appreciate your feedback and I do understand with your point to keep up with jedi style panda. I will fix it up with lightsaber and less pervert as soon as possible. Thank you

  • hi MooseCash, I'm new here in designcontest.com and I am really excited with my first project. Ill do my best and submit to you my studies as soon as I'm done. Thank you :)