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Winning design #7 by savevski, Logo Design for Event Internet Services Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savevski

Project description

www.EventInternet.net is about to get a big, much-needed website upgrade. We need a new logo as well! Event Internet Services is a turnkey solution for short term portable WiFi and/or hard-line internet for events, in a trade show booth, or in a temporary office or meeting location. It's a self-contained box that ships directly to the customer's specified location, plugs into power and then provides internet on the spot. The logo will be primarily utilized online and printed on invoices so we have no color restrictions. The new website will have a white background with light gray hues. So, if you check out the current website for ideas, we will be going in a completely different direction with color, and sprucing up the content (old, worn out page in other words). This is a clean slate and we want to create something totally new and progressive looking. The audience will be individuals in marketing positions for medium to large corporations with a budget. We need to appeal to these folks with an eye-catching brand. We'd like to have the name integrated in the logo but if you have a strong idea that accomplishes what we need, we're open to it.

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  • Of the three you have submitted, this is my favorite. I like the separation bar and I like the perception of EIS being part of the throughput process in the logo. No further suggestions at this time but will update.
  • just submitted #2,#3 and #4... waiting for feedback and suggestions... thanks
  • Like the wireless signal integration; especially as part of the acronym logo. Thanks!
  • Extremely clever design. Really like the concept!
  • Like the rounded corners on the "i". Like the all lower-case naming.
  • Were there any other variations on this logo that went through your head before this one came out? I'm just curious as this is my favorite design thus far and I don't want to miss out on any variations.
  • The uniform, reflective designs are catching my eye the most. Thanks very much for this submission.
  • Hi CH , i just uploaded a design #20 and looking for your opinion about it ? thnx
  • Like the word font on this one a lot more than #18. Red across the top pops well.
  • I like the "look-twice" creativity here as well as the colors.
  • Dear contestants, Please refrain from copying your peer's concepts. We do not believe you can add value by copying someone else's work, and find such behavior unethical at best. Any further works bearing obvious semblance to #7 will be eliminated, and designers who post them will get infractions. Regards, Tech Support
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #54. I hope it is to your liking. Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hello CH! Is this contest still open or you already have decided which one will you take? I am asking because I don't want to loose time for nothing. Best RockOnStone.
  • copying design, #7
  • copying design, #7
  • copying design, #7
  • copying design, #7
  • copying design, #7
  • Interested in any other variations on this mark you may have not posted. Thanks in advance.