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All of the designers did a great job! I had a lot fun providing feedback to designers and watching our design develop. Thank you designers for your hard work!


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Winning design #95 by Zeus, Logo Design for Financial Services Company Contest
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designed by Zeus

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Bentley Financial (Services, Strategies, or Concepts) tag: Specializing in Insurance & Retirement Planning Since 1976 Services we provide: (Estate Conservation, Wealth Development, Asset Distribution, Retirement Planning, Macro Asset Perspective, Lifetime Wealth Strategies, Integrated Wealth Planning subtopics: investments, insurance, tax planning strategies) cash-flow, risk management, legacy, and philanthropy I want to be honest; I have no idea exactly where to start with this project; above I have labeled our services and subtopics. I'm open to any ideas; I guess one thing i'm looking for is an abstract look that flows well with lettering. Lance Bentley

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  • Also, looking for more abstract ideas, however should have strong control and purpose. few other ideas: abstract balance or abstract symmetry, accounting, geometry, angles, coordination, time, strength, pieces and parts of a system (I see a system or (engine like) as a strategy to accomplish something, or create, achieve, get to a destination, etc.) You can also include lettering within design abstractness
  • other suggestions: we provide direction in financial planning process key ideas: direction, leadership, consulting, advisory, insights, destinations, guidance and focus, control, clarity, strategy
  • Attention Designers: I do need to have services included in name; its part of our legal name
  • Hi CH may i know your suggestions about my design #3? so i can work on it... thanks!
    • the idea to use the arrows in different sizes and positions makes sense in terms of planning ideas, however, i think it should have more than just red and maybe seek more of an abstract shape(s).??

    • nice suggestions. thanks, i'll try to make another design on it...

    • |--|

      lb8099 {*wrote*}:
      the idea to use the arrows in different sizes and positions makes sense in terms of planning ideas, however, i think it should have more than just red and maybe seek more of an abstract shape(s).??
      |--| also, in planning process, the arrows you've use go up and down; It doesn't seem to represent a universal understanding of planning process itself from all angles.

  • Just had a thought; would like the design to have elements of strategic planning; i.e, plan design-concept, positioning of investments, allocation/placement of investment.
    • as in the planning process there are many parts and pieces each doing something unique.

  • hi Ch, i have updated the logo. #46, will accept any recommendation or revise. thanks!
  • Services
  • this plays well to the look of strategy, however, read the other comments outside of brief about MAP, our system and incorporate some of the ideas
  • interesting, I like how you made the B intertwined with circle, however, the blue part doesn't look quite right; a little too slippery looking.
  • i think this is interesting, and like the abstract exploration, however, hard to tell exactly what it is, too much...
  • hi i submitted a revise design #40, in which i try to reflect the letter B, F and over all look is reflect the globe and increasing bar, hope you will like it. thanks
  • we all like it alot, but feel it still needs something that shows how our system MAP guides clients and prepares them, and works towards their objectives. It does this to an extent, however, may need a bit more.
    • thanks... i'll be in touch and will be make and think how may i put your request on the logo design... thaks again...

    • hi CH, i have changed the background of the logo into white background. #38.

  • really like the design; can we see it on a white background
    • I also like that you brought more uniqueness and personality to piece by having the man move with the bars.

  • hi thanks you to gave me a good point. please feel free to tell me any changing you want in my design #21, i'm online to given you immediate changing, thanks.
  • This one looks good but it is a little dark. Could you make the blue a little more vibrant and change the tagline color to red rather than black. Otherwise its looking good.
    • hi Ch, i have updated the logo, #23. hope it goes right. thanks for the feedback. appreciate it a lot.

  • I think its pretty darn close; however, still feel its missing something. Heres what I'd change; since I like the idea of a strategy and system, can you try to incorporate a concept we use for our company called macro asset perspective; it is an actual system we use for selling. Heres some background information on it: Macro Asset Perspective Our Macro Asset Perspective planning tool provides you a balanced approach to your personal wealth accumulation and distribution goals by integrating the concept of asset allocation with prudent strategies for long term tax reduction. It can be specifically tailored for retirement accumulation and distribution, business owners and real estate investors. Whatever stage of life you are in, whether you are working to grow your assets or your assets are working to provide you retirement income, you are likely to ascertain value from the principles, processes, and strategies found in our MAP tool. What is truly unique and indispensable about our innovative Asset Position Model is the "big picture" view. When all your assets are taken into consideration, you gain confidence in knowing where you are today as well as making certain you are headed in the right direction and staying on track. We take fundamental financial principles and package them into a model that is designed to give you a visual picture of where your assets can be placed and, more importantly, why. Ultimately, our Asset Position Model constructs strategies to enhance and maximize your net retirement income, regardless of what happens with tax rates in the future. This is accomplished by simply positioning your assets and adjusting your cash flow to maximize effective diversification among assets and between tax treatments. You can expect the following from your personalized strategy: You will become better equipped to organize your personal finances in a meaningful manner to help you attain your financial goals and objectives. You will gain confidence that your assets, employee benefits, retirement plans, savings, investments and insurance programs are appropriate for you at this stage of your life and your tolerance for risk. You will discover the advantages of coordinating and diversifying your pre-tax and after-tax assets. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how our MAP tool can help you more effectively and efficiently achieve your financial goals and objectives. Here is also a page on our site that shows a diagram of where assets are placed in the big picture; being, aggressive, moderate, or safe: While the design is looking great, I guess I'd like to see something like this system represented abstractly within the design; maybe use three colors; one for aggressive assets, one for moderate, and one for safe. Not sure if I like the arrows. I do like that they go upward and start thin a bottom, however maybe the very top tip can be a different shape? Maybe set the type and the logo some or layout within somehow? I know this is a pain; I'll likely be giving a bonus to winner, thanks for your help!
  • #17 is my update about my design. kindly suggest about it. thanks!
  • I like where your going with this. however, read my latest comments; I'd like to see a bit more exploration and see some of these ideas in addition to what you have put together.
    • thanks!, i have red your brief about the logo, one thing i want to ask you said you want the flow of the logo in lettering? if i am not mistaken your saying. thanks!

    • either way; I'd like to see made up in different ways; just want ever you think will work best. Also, i've added new comments that aren't under the brief, so hopefully those will help as well.

    • #17 is my update about my design. kindly suggest what can you say about it. thanks!

  • I like the lettering for bfs, but the logo itself isn't really what I'm looking for; it is abstract, however, I think it looks a little to much like a lock.