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Canine Culture, Coiffure, Couture, 

We are a Dog grooming salon that is completely rebranding. New name, new logo etc. We have been in business for over 30 years and have some of the top stylists on our team. 
(Definition) Floof - a ridiculously fluffy animal or thing.

When someone sees the logo they must know immediately that it has something to do with dogs, just by the name and design. 
Simple but fun design, maybe fancier font. 
Not sure about color but maybe some blues, grays, or some pops of bright colors on the paw prints. 
 maybe just black and white

I really would like to use the 2 O's in FLOOF as pawprints!

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  • @planetpoodlenj ! Here is your changes please let me know if you need other changes in the design. Thanks #345
    • @planetpoodlenj ! Hello sir please let me know if you need any changes in the design. Thanks regards

  • Can you show me this with the canine culture on the bottom with coiffure and couture #397
  • Can you also try a few variations of fonts for the word Floof #378
  • Can you do this without the pawprints in the O's. Thanks! #378
  • My proposal design 08 #385
  • My proposal design 07 #382
  • My proposal design 06-01 #381
  • My proposal design 06 #380
  • ??? #377
  • Another version without the dog but with the slogan :-) #376
  • Dear customer,
    I would love to hear some feedback from you :-) In case you like my design, I would be happy to adjust it to your wishes together with you.
    Sidekick #375
  • logo design for floof #374
  • I hope you will like it sir #373
  • Hi,
    I have created the design as per the brief. Please guide me if you need any changes and give me your valuable feedback on it. #369
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #368
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #367
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #359
  • Can you try a different font for this one, not too fancy not too plain. Thanks #242
  • About #349, @dennis1224
    Kindly check the newly revision sir. thanks
  • Can you make the pawprints more dog, not wild animal pawprints. And a little closer together. Thanks! #297