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Winning design #41 by rizwans, Logo Design for Funk it Up! Event styling Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rizwans

Project description

I need a new logo that I will use on my website and for work clothing like sweaters and t-shirts and potentially will be printed on my work bus. I want it to be modern, clean, fresh, stylish. We design temporary spaces for mainly corporate events and work mainly with flowers, furniture, lighting and decorative objects. We also decorate parties and weddings. I like black, white and bright colors, no pastels and no pretty flowers...please see my present logo and website on I would like a logo that fits well with the website and is easy to read. Please include the text Event Styling on the logo with an exclamation after Funk it Up!: Funk it Up! Event styling Thanks!

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  • Your style of planning is fairly unique. Gave me interest to take a shot.#18
  • Dear Ch julia2 please check my entry #16 Thanks before :)
  • Thanks but it is too childlike, crazy and not corporate or stylish enough.
    • Ok, thank you for your comment :) I'll make something different

  • thanks. i'll do another design if i get new idea in mind
  • Wow, this is great, thankyou. I also like another design, so am going to wait till the end of the 7 days to make a decision.
  • This is great, thanks so much. I would like to wait and see if I get any other entries and I will then make a decision.
  • Thanks, this is interesting. Can you make the Up smaller, add an exclamation mark at the end of Funk it Up! and add the text: Event Styling. If you use the purple colour can you please use a brighter pink-purple instead?
    • Yes sure no problem I will start on that right now .

  • Thanks for your design. It looks cool but a bit difficult to read. Can you make it simpler to read and add the text: Event styling plus an exclamation mark at the end of the text Funk it Up!
  • Thanks for your design, but I think it is a bit plain/boring.
  • thanks, but it is too difficult to read the text.
  • Thanks, I like the one with the black logo and I like the bright colours, but have not yet made a decision.
  • Thanks for your design and all the options, i really appreciate it. I have not yet made decision, but would like to keep your design as an option.
  • thanks, am going to keep this design as an option.
  • thanks, this is pretty nice, but I am going to wait till the end of the competition to make a decision.
  • thanks so much, I think this is a fun design but not corporate enough for what I need.
  • Thanks so much, I really like this log, one of the best! I am going to wait till the end of the competition to choose, but this is def in the top.
  • GJR
    Your entry is too similar to the leading entry:
  • Very cool, I like it!