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Project description

Hanna Essentials is a natural wellness product line for both men and women.  We are committed to improving the health and well being our customers with natural body lotions, salves, and supplements.

We stand for authenticity.  Our ingredients are pure, organic, grown w/o pesticides. We leverage silicon valley technology to bring the best products to our customers. 
We have 3 product lines: Serenity, Pain Relief, and Sport. (this is not our tagline)

We are about bring calm, adding strength, conquering pain, and living life to the fullest. 

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  • a version with more traditional font. normal"A" please
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  • Minimalist and elegant logo design concept for Hanna Essentials option 2 #1122
  • Minimalist and elegant logo design concept for Hanna Essentials #1121
    I hope this design can help. if you need to be happy I will increase thanks for the time #1117
  • Please check my work and i am waiting for your feedback. Thankyou #1112
  • New concept #1104
  • hope you like it, description below with sample printed on business card #1075
  • Hanna Essentials #1072
  • can we see a flat blue version (no shine)
    on a white background please. thank you #972
  • can we see in blue
    And please make "HANNA" larger and above "essentials"

    thank you #1047
  • sps
    please review sir gold and black color # 1060
  • Hope You Like #1056
  • Hope You Like #1055
  • Hope You Like sir #1054
  • Hope You Like. We can change Font #1053
  • rev #1028 dark blue + gray gradient colour #1052
  • rev #1028 dark blue colour #1051
  • rev # 1028.
    hope you like my design more.
    If you need revisions, please let me know.
    Thanks #1050
  • HANNA essentials #1049
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