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Winning design #20 by GJR, Logo Design for Harlows Harvest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

Im starting an organic fruit and veggie deliverly service here in the LA area. I named the business after my daughter (Harlow), who has always reminded me of a carrot! I would like my logo to be super cute, very catchy, and something people would notice. I also want the logo to give people a good idea what it is Harlow's Harvest does, since the name does not directly tell we deliver organic fruit and veggies.

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  • I gave the feedback in the comment area, but it's the right track, just more cartoon like...a basket, hands, would be great!
    • Thanks for the feedback... I'll surely come up with the one that will fulfill your requirement

    • |--|

      DexMind176 {*wrote*}:
      Thanks for the feedback... I'll surely come up with the one that will fulfill your requirement
      |--| Hi, I wa t the carrot to be skinnier, longer. And have more root, Ike a lot of green Curley type root hair.... And hands arms, and a basket would be great...with other veggies and fruit in it.

  • Hey CH. I've uploaded a design #1. Not done with it, thinking to add a basket and hands to the carrot. Also maybe try a different font. Hope you will come with a little feedback. Like do you like it the way it is going or should I stop going down that way :D Thanks
    • Hi! Yes a basket would be great and hands! Could we make the carrot like a skinny more organic looking carrot that has like crazy hair (the green tip) I want the carrot to be a focus of "Harlow" with it resembling her...and maybe the basket have other fruits and veggies...thank you!

    • I also uploaded a picture here of my Harlow to kinda get the idea for the carrot...

  • Hi, I'm wanting the carrot to be more cartoon like....
  • I like this one best, if you could please add my website to the logo www.harlowsharvest.com
    • GJR

      I've submitted #20 which is the same as 13 with your website address added.

    • I LOVE it!!!! Do you do web design???

  • I added #17. Let me know what you think. If you like it I could add color as well- but wanted to make sure it would work with a more simple color palette.
  • Could you also please add under organic fruit and veggie deliverly my website www.harlowsharvest.com thatnk you!
    • GJR

      Hi, I've submitted #19 with the web address and new hair. I've kept the hair quite wild, I hope you like it. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to see. Thanks.

  • I LOVE it! Is there any way to like thin out the carrot hair, like make it a little more curly, stringy kinda?! Then I'm totally happy! It's great!
  • dear ch any comments about entry #5 please feedback. thanks
  • I love this! Could you make the carrots eyes blue?
    • GJR

      Hi, I'm glad you like it and thanks for the ratings. I've submitted #13 with blue eyes. I can't quite make out the colour from your avatar but I think it's close.

  • I love it BUT it needs eyes please! With long eye lashes so it looks like a girl carrot
  • caxoxo1 hi here You image is not posted in the contest brief. If you click on the brief tab you will see the green edit brief button, there you have upload image or file option. If you have problems you can email me the image and I will post it for you shariev@designcontest.com Please let me know if you need any help Thank you
    • Harlows picture is my avatar pic here....the little blue eyed baby in this picture.