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Winning design #302 by MKH017, Logo Design for Help charter travel agency with a logo Contest
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designed by MKH017

Project description

Turistrejser is a new charter tour operator/ travel agency in Denmark. Our products include package holidays, hotels and flights to sunny destinations in Europe. The meaning of the company name Turistrejser is tourist travels. Turistrejser is the only word in the logo. The colors we have in mind includes blue, green, red, orange or yellow but we don't want too many colors in the logo maximum 3. We want to se the logo on a white bag ground. We don't want too many different elements in the logo. The font is important for us, be creative here! Please see the following link for a logo we like: We like the idea of the "O", although we don't want maps in our logo and our company name doesn't include the letter "O". It is the idea of using the letters in a different way that is attractive to us. We want to see the logo with lower case letters only as well. We are looking for an attractive and inviting logo, that inspires vacationers to give our company more than a second glance when planning their next holiday. Thank you

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  • Hi Constantine, I submitted a few new designs. They are numbers 22 through 25. Let me know if you would like me to play with the fonts or anything else. Thanks, Ryan
  • dear ch, i had just submitted my entry #13. im open for changes and hoping for a feedback. thanks!
  • Another important thing, we don't want the logo to be too dark. Thanks Constantine
  • Hi MKH017. Thank you for submitting your designs. Please read my other comments and show us if you have other ideas for the logo. It's not quite what we are looking for, but we like that there is a connection between the icons and the company name. The colors aren't right for us. Thank you
  • Hi designers! It's possible to write Turist in one color and rejser in another color, if you feel that it would benefit your design. Also feel free to use the typical industry icons such as: Sun, waves, palm trees and so on in a new creative way.
  • We are pleased that you have entered our contest. Almost the same comment as for design #4, the font used looks too "boring" for the message we want to send to our potential clients. We are looking for a more creative and inspiring design. Please enter our contest again with a different design. Thank you. Constantine
  • Thank you for entering our contest. The logo is too simple for us, and the font used looks too "boring" for the message we want to send to our potential clients. Please enter our contest again with a different design. Thanks Constantine
  • Hello Constantine,i just submitted #6 . I would really appreciate a feedback from you. I'm very much open for revisions. Thanks!! Cheers, MKH017
  • MKH017. No the only text we want in the logo is the company name "Turistrejser". We look forward to see what you come up with. Constantine
  • Dear CH, is your company do have a "tag line"? im excited to join the contest... thanks!! Best Regards MKH017
  • Thank you for entering our contest. Please try not to use a map as a main icon in the logo, and the star we don't like. We want to differentiate our self from airline companies. We are a charter tour operator selling mainly sun and beach holidays. Also try a different font. Thanks again
  • We feel this design contains too many different elements, but thank you for sharing again. Constantine
  • Can you use a different font? And also "Turist" is not clear. Keep sharing your designs, we appreciate it! Thanks Constantine
  • Thank you for making the requested changes! Constantine
  • We are very happy that you are uploading your designs in our contest. Please continue to show us your different ideas/concepts. We prefer not to use black in our logo and the palm tree in another green color and within the blue area. The last letter R should be the same size as the other letters. Thanks Constantine
  • Your design is nice and simple. Feel free to show us other ideas. Thanks Constantine
  • Thank you for entering our contest. We like how your design focuses on our company name. Constantine
  • Is it possible to see this logo in lighter colors?
  • Thank you for your design. The idea is not bad, we would like to see you use the luggage tag in a little more creative way and in different colors as well. Constantine
  • Hello designers. Thank you all for partisipating in our contest. We appreciate as many inputs as possible. It's important that the icon/symbol used isn't the only focus point. We want our company name "Turistrejser" to stand out.