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Winning design #37 by rizorex, Logo Design for Himalaya Ride Logo Contest
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designed by rizorex

Project description

Logo for a new ride in one of our stores. The ride is for adults and children, picture attached. Actual graphic needed 4" tall by 12" wide. Cartoon Illustration. Would like himalaya type mountains (snow with pine trees) incorporated. Include one adult (female with little boy) in one car/gondola and in another put one adult (male with little girl) in another.Match car/gondala colors to picture (red, blue, yellow)Picture of ride at: http://www.johnspizza.com/fun/ Need ride name Himalaya in the design. DO NOT need reference to John's or John's Incredible Pizza Company in the design.

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  • Decided to remove people. Remove brown background Show coaster cars moving across instead of coming at you. Show three cars
  • Need cars to look like cars in picture of himalaya, colors style etc. johnspizza.com/fun remove adults decided just to use kids show more of the track these look a bit like boats
  • Hi, Can you precise please what sort of image, do you want in spots? I'm not sure i understand your need. Thanks you in advance for the info. Best regards
  • Please remove monster. Pplace some type of image in spots where people would be in the gondalas 6o's type sparkle
  • Sorry for the delay, a problem with my pc, of course i'm still interested in continuing. This is the proposal, with changes. Thanks Best regards
  • We are almost there, are you still interested in continuing? Need this finished by tomorrow see comments from a day ago
  • Remove monster and TM insert light graphic of a snow flake(s) where in seating area so it doesnt look empty.
  • Thanks let me show team be in touch ASAP
  • Remove purple around mountain Keep ball scatter design from last version Like last version keep gradient in balls Instead of orange balls use red to pull in red from ride Focus should be on ride not balls
  • Sorry took so long. Needed to try logo in our store under our lights. Overall colors need to be brighter. Can you increase brightness of green and orange, remove brown around HIMALAYA and use purple, add purple somewhere else ( maybe circles)to tie in. Also remove bottom portion of mountain and circles under ride. THanks
  • Are you still interested in this? I need this logo completed this week. See last comments about less emphasis on the balls-Thanks
  • Can you please make the balls smaller less of them they domintae the design. I need the ride to domintae the design. Maybe also make the cars bigget
  • Remove monster and less beaming white light, change colors in HIMALAYA blue/purple like snow effect commint over HIMALAYA like #24
  • I must not have been clear. See last comments. Said remove circles on the SIDE not the bottom Thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder; Entry #24, when viewed in original size the mountain and the name Himalaya is textured. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • HI I submit a new proposal *23 .I wanted to warn you that I have to attend a congress in Brazil, all next week. I leave Friday night and i come back november 21. I can try to improve my proposal Friday during the day but not beyond. THANKS
  • Remove circle design on the sides and look of splashing water. Still circles overpower
  • Remove balls from side of mountain
  • Remove ride from the top of mountain
  • you have mentioned that your actual size would be 4x12.. that is horizontal wide. here i made an option more wider to fit your actual size. #33 #32