Innovative logo needed for exciting new web tv animal channel – Pet Advice TV!

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Winning design #152 by meedo, Logo Design for Innovative logo needed for exciting new web tv animal channel – Pet Advice TV! Contest
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designed by meedo

Project description

This new website needs a logo to attract attention and clearly visualise/encapsulate what the company does. 

We're looking for a clever logo that combines the veterinary expertise element with an animal image to help evoke emotion/feeling and provide the link. Ideally it's the company name combined with a visual that works alongside and complements the words, without overshadowing them and can also be used separately as an icon.

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  • to ch about #15. I made the dog into a tv in this logo and I think it would look great on the web.It is sharp, clean, and very attractive. It is also unique. Hope you like it. any feedback would be great. Thanks for your time.
  • To ch about #6. I wanted to do something clever, so I made the P in pet the dogs tongue to the left of the text.However I wanted to keep it simple enough so that it may be reproduced on anything.Feel free to make any suggestions. Thanks for your time.
  • CH, Regarding my design #5. The design next to the text is an abstract cat - I hope that came across okay. If you would like any changes, please don't hesitate to let me know. Natalie
  • cad
    Dear CH, About #55. I have modified the logo. More simple, nice, and elegant... I hope you like it. :)
  • Design #1 and #2 were enclosed with heart shaped figure to show love and concern with our pets, it looks like an apple when you look at it as a whole to imply good health and stability, I hope you like my design....
  • CH, I've uploaded a design for this contest, #83. I'd love to hear how I can improve on it. Thanks! lmd
  • CH, I published my brands ( #79 , #80 , #81 , #82 ) I hope you like them. The colors and placement of the elements can be modified if you want. I wait for your rating. Thanks, Irene.
  • Niv
    Dear Like an angel. Is it possible to take town the design so i can upload it again without the grey symbol? i would really appreciate your answer. thank you :)
  • Niv
    Dear Like an angel. i didn't have any meaning to post multiply designs in my submit. The grey design in the bottom right is exactly the same design as the main one. the reason I'm doing that is to give the CH another vision about the design and how it will look in different kind of canvas. is that forbidden? please let my know. thank you for your time.
  • multiplw designs per entry is not allowed unless requested by contest holder.
  • CH, Same as first design #43 but added the cross to symbolize the veterinary influence. Thanks, BFlame
  • Dear CH, About #113 the concept is two hand is taking care of a smiling animal in TV, advice to all pet owners understand and care for their pets better. About #112 is a paw in TV & having the advice to all pet owners understand and care for their pets better. Your commend is welcomed. Thanks
  • Hello CH! Please have a look at my design... i hope it's the right direction. greets
  • Hello CH, this is a cleaner proposal. Would work over a black background also if needed. Clean, modern and to the point! Please write feedback. Thank you for your time HRubiBlue
  • Hello CH, please give me some feedback on this design. Thank you for your time HRubiBlue
  • Dear CH, My design #87.Simpler version of my previous designs.Let me know your opinion please Thanks Samiha
  • CH, I made a couple small changes. I made the cross in the background more noticeable. And added some depth to the cat in the center. Thanks, BFlame
  • Hi there. Do you have a website I can take a look at or could you give me some input on what style and colours you're looking for. This is extremely important in order to best serve your idea and understanding your expectations. Rating the submissions would also be helpful. Thanks.
  • Design incorporates a speech mark that represents advice. It also forms a paw and contains some pets. This one uses color blue.
  • Hi I think it will look great if you can outline both the letters and animal heads in a faint/thin black line or even just the animal heads. If you request both, he can send you both to review.