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Winning design #363 by Chezz, Logo Design for Jake Ralston & Kat Hitchcock, Real Estate Contest
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designed by Chezz

Project description

We are Jake & Kat, a luxury residential real estate team working the COASTAL areas of Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpinteria. 

We love all aspects of real estate, but especially luxury real estate.  

We would like to identify a logo brand that says we are luxury, young, techie, local, strong and successful all at the same time.  This logo might include the cities of our expertise, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria.  It likely should include the words "REAL ESTATE".  It should include our full names and potentially a logo could use our last name initials, RH, but not the first name initials.

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  • Very cool. The RH is close but... I don't know...

    Also, the lettering on either side would be too small to read, but we like the idea of something there, or maybe just lines on top and bottom or RH or something like that. Also, please align the cities similar to #257. Thx! #202
    • About #202, @jakeralston Thank you for your attention and feedback from you
      I have sent several designs, which I have revisions according to your request, please check and feedback to my design,, thanks

    • About #202, @jakeralston if you choose my design, I am ready to revise according to your request,, thanks

    • About #202, @jakeralston and I will send some of the design with the layout of the city as you wish

  • We would like to see a design with Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, and Montecito in a circular fashion. The other elements should be the word REAL ESTATE, our names and playing up RH instead of JK.
    • @jakeralston could you extend the contest one more day?

    • @jakeralston Sir Please feedback my entry

  • change the the style of NAME (RALSTON & HITCHCOCK) more thin #350
  • Did you withdraw one? ... #341
    • @jakeralston Hello! New variants, please check. #312 #293 #294 #295 #296 If something needs to be changed, please contact me.

    • About #341, @jakeralston : yes sir, that's just the same designs, but the doted was too big (widthdraw),

  • carefull bro about infraction, i already got, cause the design is similar to other.. and i see your design is similar to http://us.wilogo.com/icache/size/390c293/themes/wilogo/images/creation/659707223908.png #326
  • different style for your consideration.
    please let me know if you have further request to my design.

    thanks #338
  • this is my first submitted hope you see and please feedback #326
  • this revise by #202, please feedback to my design sir #324
  • please check this one hope you like #321
  • Love what you have, just a little too surfer, playful, but on the right track! thank you! #246
    • Hi and thank you for your feedback , here's a revision #283 : same spirit but hopefully a bit more classy.

    • Thank you again for your rating on #283 , here's #310 as revision of #283 a bit polished (stars added , R curve rounder etc ... ) and with nice mock up as well. Also , I think what's interesting here is the RH initials could also be use separately as a kind of signature.

  • different variants of "RH".please rate my designs #301
  • Hello! New variants, please check. #293 #294 #295 #296 #312
    If something needs to be changed, please contact me.
  • Can you do this with the borders like #233 and in some way make the RH a little less bulky? thx!
    • @jakeralston
      Thanks for positive feedback on my design.
      As your requested, I have uploaded new version of #288 & #289, please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
      Thanks & Cheers

  • About #259, @designgeorge
    Can you make the logo HR 2 toned or something so the H and R will stand out better? Also, take the full Ralston Hitchcock Real Estate outside the circle either below or next to.
  • please feedback to my design sir, #268
  • Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #256
  • Hi, my 2nd and 3 rd entries with different fonts for initials "RH".i've tried with circular badge style with all 3 cities name in surrondings.with full name in another inner circle.and base design is middle circle with initials and waves represnting the coastal area.also middle circle isn't a simple circle, but showing strongness and successful aspects. golden color with luxurious look as required.Kindly rate and review.
    Thanks #248
  • Dear CH,
    #210 #211 #212 #213 #214 #215 for your consideration, hope you like it. Thanks & Regard