Leading Aeronautics Helicopter Flight School logo

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Winning design #172 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for Leading Aeronautics Helicopter Flight School logo Contest
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designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

Modern logo incorporating either a helicopter silhouette or the letters L and A. To be used for website, banners, shirts, etc. Not limited in anyway the company name is Leading Aeronautics. Looking for something to go beside the name of the company.

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  • About #41 #42 #43 #44 #45 #46 and #47 Various combination options with different fonts also. Clean and simple would be #47 #52 happy face? Still I am just throwing out some options but think its getting overwhelming. Pardon me if it is. #53 #54 and #55 complete package , one unit. off spring from 37 and 47 Pls omit #57 wrong title font. #58 is correct upload. Open for revisions Thanks
  • Dskwrks is there anyway you could combine #11 and #9, and maybe even #11 and #3. At the same time can you try a different font for Leading Aeronautics or maybe change the L and the A in #6
  • Submissions are looking good I have one concern the Helicopter silhouettes are looking great the only issue and its my fault are that we use Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters if that helps. Although there are really good helicopter logos like the MD 500 that Benone and the Huey by Cristinenovo.
  • Hi CH, Just uploaded #33 & #34. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, please check my designs #20,21 & 31..waiting for your feedback..thank you
  • Dear CH,thanks for the feedback...please check my new designs...thank-you.
  • Dear CH,this is my new entry #21..i made a very simple design..i hope you will like it..thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my design #20..hoping for your feedback..thank you
  • About #18 and #19 Thanks for your positive feedback I have made 2 more. Just revisions from what is presented so far. #18 Shortened the tail end by bringing the L more in towards the a also added a drop shadow of the same design to make look like it is flying/ hovering. #19 Same as #11 but changed the rotating O color to the same color as the box gray. #11 is one of the lighter blues that you request. Included the Flight school tag. Open for revisions and looking forward to hear more feedback Thanks
  • Hi Fernandez, thanks for the feedback. i'll try to change the colour into cold color :)
  • I like the graphics. It's too feminine though. If you could change the purple to a more masculine shade than it would be great.
  • Dskwkrs, thanks for the submissions. I really like the look of #s 11,9,3, and 6. I'm going to review them with my associates and will get back to you.
  • About #2 #3 #4 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Just wondering if I am headed in the right direction on any of these. Look forward to your feedback and also open for revisions. Thanks
  • Good concept but not quite what we are looking for. Thanks for the submission.
  • Leading Aeronautics is the name of the Flight school. The logo doesn't have to have flight school in it or even the name in the logo. The helicopter blades could be used as well. Im open to any ideas and definitely open minded thanks BenONE37.
  • Hi CH, Just wondering if 'Leading Aeronautics Helicopter Flight School' is the name on the logo or is there a shortened version? Thanks
  • About #83 Great and thanks A colored version. Are you folks planning to have the brand embroidered? As for the fonts which you rather prefer? Classic, Modern, Techie, Grunge or big and bold? Thanks again for your feedback
  • Hi AFernandez001, Please find my entries #79 , #80 , #81 . Feedback greatly appreciated Regards SJK
  • Dskwkrs there is still time for a colored version is fine as well. There is still 4 and a half days left. Innerscape looks good just my associates think the blue is the best can you please try some other fonts for Leading Aeronautics.
  • Ouch thought it was for a silhouette.. Do we still have time to submit a colored version also?